• Most of us (if not all the human beings) have the tendency to presume that our approach to a certain problem is superior than those envisaged by others. We may not grossly think that we're among the most intelligent people but we often tend to subtly assume and prioritize our own intelligence. However, when we're put to a rigorous test along with other intelligence people, we understand that, perhaps, we're utterly stupid! Through this question/ topic, I am intending the sharing of viewpoints amongst TWS users so as to understand how different people try to correctly judge their intelligence and how their algorithm work best for themselves. Will they work for you or me? Let's try to understand....

  • @WHAT2020 When we surrender everything to God, we indeed realise that we're yet to mature more. It's true that we can never perfectly gauge or judge our intelligence....

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    @anonymous92 i honestly do not like to say my intelligence is superior or inferior to others, since believing in the former will increase our self-confidence and lead to pride, and believing in the latter will affect our self-esteem and may lead to depression. although i do tend to prioritize my own intelligence over others in the face of certain situations, i believe this is a tendency of every human being and, to avoid this, i always remind myself, as a Muslim, that ALLAH (God) is the best of judges :thumbs_up_light_skin_tone:

  • Intelligence can mean a lot of things. I mean the most common type everywhere assumes it means it academic/intellectual. However you got to be mindful of other types of intelligence like emotional intelligence for example. Some people may be intellectually the cleverest person in their school yet can't perform basic life skills like socialising or don't know when they're upsetting/angering people. Same the other way. Someone could be less academically inclined then others, but has a high emotional intelligence. I mean I'm not gonna lie but I would rate my own intellectual intelligence above average, to which some people think is like super-brainy or something? I'm just above average, I wouldn't go so far as to calling myself a genius. But then I don't know if my emotional intelligence is high. I could improve on that a lot. Some people are superior in intelligence than others, but that doesn't necessarily make them better. Superiority is judged differently to every individual. The point that I'm trying to make is that you can never truly judge someone's intelligence. But the question is do you need to?

  • well i always like to see what know (or how you say my intelligence) by the Socratic method of world analysis, I agree with your point of view on how difficult it is for human beings to assume not to know something. That soon ends up ending for finding a wrong answer to your knowledge and I agree with you also about SOPHIA because there are different meanings for intelligence or how I like to put knowledge but it is obvious that sometimes the Narcissus that lives in each of us appears, he makes us be pre-potent and put our knowledge above that of others, without even listening to or practicing the art of rhetoric towards others

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    @Jsmith wow dude those 100 words say a lotttt abt that 'just above avg intelligence' of urss..what i mean is u might wanna raise that bar to a lil bit higher yk..xDDD

  • @Jsmith Wow! I truly appreciate your answer and explanation.

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