• First off, WHY is the first day of spring on the 19th? Isn't solstice always on the 21st?
    Also, it's snowing, here. Has been since this morning, and will be until tomorrow. This is a typical day in Colorado. Blah.
    Anyway, here's a poem called Always Somewhere by David Rothman

    Somewhere in the dark is always mountains,
    Years in mountains, mountains silent, standing
    Inscrutable, big, rocky, piercing, sheer,
    And hills, wrinkled and rippling, calling clear
    Across their time, symbolic, real, and branding
    Reality as cities boast a downtown.
    Always somewhere in the air is snow
    Of every kind, light, drifted, melting, deep
    Especially, its liquid energy
    Released come spring stored temporarily
    Upon the mountains as through time they keep
    Faith with cold nights where the foxes bark and roam.
    Somewhere always is an everywhere
    Where the mountains and the snow grow down
    In time, until, in winter's deep sleep, time
    Grows balanced, and in quiet you can climb
    A mountain and the snow no one can own
    Because in afternoon sunshine, time's there.
    Always in this somewhere life was skiing,
    Riding on and through each, every storm
    As if forever in a glorious seeming
    Of time down mountains where the quick snow streaming
    Invited the world's body to perform.
    Could anything have ever been more freeing?
    So when it's taken, with our words and seeing,
    Let these words stand: now that was time and being.

    That's about it from here in the Rockies, today. Hope your first day of spring is a better one.

    p.s. OK, so, I don't know much about poetry, but if you're self-isolating because of the virus at least reading this filled a few minutes time, eh?

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