• cover your mouth and nose while sneezing, with a tissue or your elbow
    put the tissue straight into a closed bin
    wash your hands regularly with soap and water or sanitiser
    keep your distance from people who are coughing and sneezing (at least one metre)

  • Right dear

  • @piyush001 - no worries. I know. Thanks :)

  • @nightshifter i know one thing i dont even hear mentioned. this damn coronavirus is gonna wipe out the homeless. i dont even hear them even brought up! plus you have to go find them! oh...and prisoners! they already live in filth and most are sick or did dope

  • Well I giggle every time I see an empty shelf of toilet paper... People are being stupid.

    But... to be honest, I don't think that there is something fishy going on behind the curtains. You know who looses when the whole world shuts down? Everybody. Because the engine is brimming, this very engine, that makes the super rich grow richer. They'll all loose a lot of money.

    Some people can work from home. The majority can not. This is not a trick to control people, quite the opposite, since the workers are the wheels in the machine anyways โ€“ when they work, which now they do less and less.

    What we see is an actual pandemic. And we are lucky, because the virus isn't even that dangerous. It's just very infectious. And the problem that this creates can be seen in italy very well: 50% of the people who would need oxygen to survive won't get it, because there is so little available. And the only reason it's such a big problem in italy is that there are so many people who are sick at the same time.

    And how do you keep this situation from happening in other countries? Correct: you make sure that people have a lot less social contacts. This will result in a much slower spread of the virus, and thus less people being sick at the same time. The same amount of people will get it, most of us actually. And it won't be a problem, because with the right medication and health care, the survival chances are actually much higher than 97%. So, we must make sure that there is the right medication and health care available, by staying at home, and not getting the disease all at the same time.

    The actual problem will come afterwards: the economy will take an immense hit. Nobody will control anybody, because the whole system has a high chance of collapsing. So in all honesty, we should all start praying, now that many of us have the time... this has all been predicted... much worse stuff actually, until we repent and change our ways...

  • just watch for the government to start taking control and telling us what we need and how much we can have. thats when the trouble starts

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