• Why do some people take good people for granted?
    Why can't they just do good in return..

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    Why do some people take good people for granted?
    Why can't they just do good in return..

    ●You are Adjusting:
    If you are adjusting, emotional in nature and keep others first while taking any decisions in life then people will surely take you for granted. It’s good to be nice to people but start thinking that you won’t do anything wrong with them and you will adjust for them in any situation. It’s very easy to play with emotions for adjusting person.

    ●Never think about credits:
    Even if you are trying to work hard for someone or care a lot for someone, you never expect to get care and credit in return then you need to become smarter. There are people whom you have to realize how much you work and care, sometimes you need to use words to show who you are and what your worth is. Once you will show your worth, they will stop taking you for granted.

    Sometimes people lose their self-confidence either because of failures or wrong decisions in life. If you will lose self-confidence, how others are going to respect you? Lack of confidence gives permission to another to rule you. Unless you won’t show your importance, other won’t come to know what you mean to their lives.

    ●You love them:
    This is the biggest reason why anyone starts taking you for granted. If you are expressive and told a person that what he/she means to your life, he/she will start thinking that whatever happen you are never going to go away especially when it’s an unconditional love. So, if you think that the one you love is taking you granted, it’s time to rethink about that relation.

    ●They rule your life:
    There are people who have the power to make you smile as well as cry and when people become so important in your life, you become weak in front of them. You start living your life the way they want and try to do whatever makes them happy. The day others know their importance they will surely take you for granted.

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    @ragnar-lothbrok You've covered everything man!!!

    Lmao, nothing to add!! XD

  • @ragnar-lothbrok You've covered everything man!!!

  • #1 You can’t say ‘no’. You have a very hard time declining something to people. You’d rather take on more commitments or responsibilities than utter the word ‘no’. You may think you’re being sweet, but your inability to say no will only make others take your sacrifices for granted, and hate you when you don’t help them again!

    #2 You’re predictable. Everyone around you, especially your loved ones, can totally predict your behavior. And since you’re so predictable, they subtly manipulate you and get you to do what they want. You may feel manipulated and used, but you feel helpless at the same time.

    #3 You’re too sweet. You’re a people pleaser, and you just can’t be rude to others. You convince yourself that you’re the sweet person in a bad world, but in reality, you may be the idealist idiot in a real world who’s too sweet and nice, and forces others to take you for granted even if they don’t realize it themselves.
    #4 You postpone decisions. You’d rather make excuses or postpone issues that bother you instead of dealing with it or concluding it immediately. You may think pushing decisions away is the easy way, but in fact, it’s the spineless way of dealing with your problems.

    Your family, lover or friends who understand your inability to take tough decisions may abuse that side of you and make decisions on your behalf, and manipulate you into doing something you wouldn’t want to do because they know you can’t say no anyway!

    #5 You can’t confront people. If you feel like you’re being taken for granted, confront the issue. If you can’t confront the issue, you’d end up unhappy and fill your head with resentments and frustrations, which would eat you from the inside.
    #6 You can’t be alone. You constantly feel the need to have someone as witness to your life. Independence scares you and you find it easier to go out of your way and be nice to someone who treats you badly instead of being lonely.

    #7 You seek approval. You constantly need this person’s approval to do anything at all, be it to go out with your friends or do something for the first time. When someone starts to take you for granted, without realizing it, you’d allow them to emotionally control you and use you as they please. And before long, you lose your sense of judgment and you forget that it’s possible to independently make decisions for yourself.

  • @hunter101 OR THATS WHAT I THINK.

  • i have come to realize that all of us except nobody at some point of time always have taken someone for granted knowingly or unknowingly,
    but only when someone does it us we think about the concept of being taken for granted.
    just for example how many of us can proudly with 100%honesty saythat we have never taken our parents or siblings for granted..or that good friend who would do anything for us..or that guy who is blindly in love with you..or ur personel driver...or your house maid who does little bit more than what they are paid for..

    the truth is everyone always does somthing a little extra for you..but we dont always notice it..and when someone doesnt notice what we did for them...then our.feelings hurt...

    the best thing to do in life is...when you come across a kind heart appreciate it...and be a kind heart...to the ones who deserve it and also to the undeserving ones
    and if you feel like you are used... confront them and tell it to their face..that u feel underappreciated...if they care...good thing..if they dont you know what to do.

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