• Hi! I am new to this so bare with me aha.

    My name is Henry, i am 17, and i tend to like the more beefy type of men xD (i am already cringing at myself YIKES but here we go).

    Not entirely sure i have came to this but a talk with someone would be nice! I am down to talk about anything and i tend not to judge so i hope this helps someone to talk to me aha. Honestly just in need of some friends or even a 'online chat person' idek what to call it aha.

    p.s. not a weirdo xD

  • @alostboy hey I get ur point and I would like to chat with ya if u want to

  • i know what you are going throu if i can help let me know

  • i am new to this sits so i have a problem with it so bear with me but i am newto all the sits that i went to

  • @Astatine hey i think i getting the handle on this

  • @Astatine @ares7 a huge hey to the both of you!

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