What will happen to Mankind if we keep on taking uncountless pills to cure diseases?

  • Some time ago I read an article which concluded that by 2020 the rate of diseases would probably raise on the most-developed countries due to an excessive pills recurrence.
    To understand this we have to take a closer look to the living organisms that constitute the illnesses and how they react to a constant threat, as a comunity.
    Once you take a dressing to fight the flu (for example), you are killing most of the disease, but if there's an interruption, only the most resistant bacteria will survive.
    As soon as that surviving bacteria remains, it will start to reproduce very quick in your affected area.
    And here starts the danger: the very next generations of bacteria will be exactly equal to its progenitor. And no matter what the quantity of (medical) drugs you'll take this resistant generation will keep reproducing untill endangering your whole body trought an infection - This will happen if you don't change the medicine for your disease.
    This expains why people have different reactions in some medicament. Also explains why a lot of medicament have no longer effect on some people.

    Anyway, this is a vicious cycle and the more this cycle is repeated, the fewer options we'll have to fight this invisible danger.

    What do you think, will doctors will find a way to win?

  • Its not countless pills that create Multi drug resistant diseases but the idiocy of people who either go for self diagnosis from the Internet or ones who donot complete the antibiotics course. If you complete the course bacteria dies and there is no MDR diseases. It is these people who further spread the MDR disease.
    Also governments will keep funding new research and finding new meds. so if there is a stronger bacteria there is going to be a stronger medicine.

  • @lucifer_ I agree with that, the wrong diagnosis is going go create response problems on the organism.