• I think humans as a species have been successful in survival but totally disrupted the natural order of things. Now we are a species capable of making food, curing diseases and what not. As a result population is increasing and resources are limited, no matter how i look at it only thing that makes sense to me is human population should decrease. Usually population of beings that are on the top of food chain is controlled by their preys but that is not applicable to us. We are doing things that are not required what do we want to achieve as a species ?
    The way i see it is A.I are being developed to replace humans. So finally we want to do nothing but just sit back and watch. And all that shit about going in space and discovering new planets for human race doesn't make sense at all. Its alright to have dreams but price that needs to be paid must be kept in mind. And why do we think that we own all the resources of this planet there are other species as well and just because they are not capable of fighting back doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.
    Be sensible and account for every consequents corresponding to your antecedents. Reproduce wisely... Well there are a lot of other things i want to say but I'll stop here

    But i would like to know your views on it