Nobody cares and it sickens me

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    Don't bother responding to this post. It's just out there to show im done trying to make new friends. Those who have already messaged me are good lol. I guess it's just the world we live in these days but I'll never truly understand it... Thanks for breaking my spirit all you fake people.. Farewell all you conceded people. Its gender less you all are stuck up and it makes me sick...

  • @Hiimbored I feel bad seeing you this way. Too bad I can't do anything about it. Too bad people are just words to each other online. I would very much blame you for your sadness cause trying to find shelter online is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Real Life may be hard but it's seriously worth it!

    I would support your decision to leave this site!

    People don't care, they only care about themselves online. Trust me, the chances of trying to find friends online are so slim that it's not worth it!
    It's never worth giving time to people who you might never see in real life, ever.

    The simple reason that real people are better than virtual is that they are REAL.
    Why would someone care for some words on a screen. 99% people wouldn't!
    Just accept this and move on and STAY STRONG.

    Some of the best things I have learnt in life. I will try to put it as the person I admire said it.

    "Always have someone or something to rely on!
    I too rely on someone and this freak has never turned his back against me.
    I freaking rely on myself and I will never let myself down!"

  • @Hiimbored I care about you and all other humans

  • Soul Searchers

    @FangYuan While I see your point and I agree with some of it from my perspective from where I am coming from the place that I live, people here are just as self-centered and non-caring as those you mentioned.
    It is sad that even you referred to us as the virtual people. I know everyone does not will not and you cannot actually visualize and think there's a real human with emotions feelings and a heart beyond the words that are posted.
    I can.
    I know a few others that can also. And I know a few that genuinely care. I give a lot of people my contact information just in case they ever want to reach me and I don't happen to be online at this site. I have received emails and phone calls and texts from people who will read something I posted or just not see me around for a little while and actually care enough find out what's going on.
    Now that might not be as real as someone in the world stopping by with a bowl of hot soup or spotting you 50 bucks. But it is real and it is caring for another beyond the words in the post.
    I know more true friends here online then the haters in the real world. That is not because I am an introvert or that there's anything wrong with me. People use me For what I can do for them. They don't bother befriending me. They treat me like a machine. All too wrapped up in their own lives all about me me me me and my blah blah blah blah. Nobody cares enough to ask me if I want to fix their cars. They just tell me to fix it.
    Here let me give you a good example this happened to me this afternoon.
    A friend of mine's daughter who's is sunroof was stuck open came by. The only way to close the sunroof on a 2003 Tahoe was to remove the entire headliner to access the motor for the sunroof and remove it so that I could manually close the sunroof. I just told her to bring $20 I found out that I had to drop the entire headliner I told her that it was at least a $75-80 job but I wasn't worried about it as long as she had the $20. 3 hours in the pouring rain and I mean dumping pouring rain 3 hours probably 2in my work on closing the sunroof. I just about had it closed when she came up and told me to just put her truck back together that she needed to go she couldn't wait around all day. My hands were so wrinkled from being wet I was soaked from head to toe and then she started chastising me for not hurrying up and getting the job done.
    I looked at her in disbelief. WTF? Then she started to berate me telling me that I was trying to rip her off.
    We had a few words. Not very nice words. I was already in my car getting ready to leave when my friend not her father but a friend of mine said look man I'll help you just let's put this girl's truck back together.
    Of course he disappeared not helping so again in the pouring rain I put her truck back together just took about an hour.
    4 hours in the rain trying to help a friend daughter. Do you think she appreciated it?

    Loving god-fearing Christian woman cursed me for being a dopehead thief and drove off without paying the $20.

    Try that on the internet......

  • Yeah i doubt that middle ages would be a nice time to be alive, though at least it would be over quickly

  • Soul Searchers

    Please say it isn't so!
    I swear I only told you that you were clueless because I was pissed off at the world and that a certain situation.

    I can't necessarily fault you for your reasons though..... I seem to have the same trouble myself although I can promise you that there are a few needles in this haystack. True diamonds in the ruff so to speak. I shan't mention names because being the good girls that they truly are I would hate tarnish the reputation by association with one such as myself but there are a few wonderful young ladies on this site.
    Speaking man-to-man I think you're alright I don't want you to go you have a good heart you just did as I have and giving it to the wrong person.
    I don't think it is much different then any other aspect of the internet. Let's say you were looking for information on a certain item you Google it billions of information on that item appear you have to sort through a lot of the misinformation before you find the correct information but it is out there.
    The same peers to be true appears to be true people-wise. You will sift through a lot of coal before you find a diamond the trust me where there's coal, there's a diamond.
    And just like the most diamonds that I know they are well protected and hidden away. They seem to prefer it that way. I can't say that I blame him because turn the tables I bet there's a lot more assholes than nice guys out there and I think those odds are probably a lot worse then bulshit women 2 diamonds.

    If it were a democracy and we were voting my vote would be for you to stay

  • @wet-teri Oh you sadist do I have to read it all? hahaha

  • @wet-teri That's funny. And I am sorry that I still can't and won't risk hurting myself for 1% people out there who actually might care.

    Moral of your story, as I see it. As I would want @Hiimbored to see it.
    Don't be naive or you'll end up getting used and then thrown away.

    "You got to be so cold to make it in this world"

    I would chose to get hurt by people in real life than by some words on a screen.

  • @Hiimbored said in Nobody cares and it sickens me:

    Don't bother responding to this post. It's just out there to show im done with this site lol. Those who have already messaged me are good but even they suck and only care about themselves lol. I guess it's just the world we live in these days but I'll never truly understand it... I wish it was born in the medieval ages but I have as much control over that as I do my own life. Which is none. Thanks for breaking my spirit Babyshine and all those fake females inbetween.. You were supposed to be the good gender but you are just like the guys... farewell all you conceded mofos. Its gender less you all are stuck up and it makes me sick...
    I revoke your privilege to tell me not to bother responding. Normally it's acceptably your right to make such a request. but since I don't care anymore. Fuck ya. I'll bother if I wish.
    What is this care you speak of and how is you can claim nobody practices it? I think care simply means to have an interest in something. I don't care for gay sex, for example. It won't disappear due to my lack of interest But I won't be caring enough to see it flourish in my life. I admit I have some interest in myself but I can have other interests in concert with the natural caring of myself. It's my understanding that we each populate our own world so the world we live is very much dependent on our ability to make it a world we would wish for others to have. Certainly the Earth doesn't care for our little worlds and it's only interest is to provide us the means within which to create our worlds.
    No bother.

  • @Hiimbored Maybe you could be friends with @notaserialkiller - he's just written a similarly nihilistic post, too.

  • @Don-Rose Virtually, I guess, "care" is just an interest.

  • When one has enough interest in something they may start caring. I think it's easier to not care by having no interest in that something. I have no interest in whining, cry babies that think the world owes them something, for example. I don't care for the problems they create.

  • hahahaha @Don-Rose
    I guess I want to be uninterested in everything but a few!

  • That should be easy to accomplish. There is a lot of everything.

  • For you or for someone as awesome as yours truly?

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