• Music Lovers

    Seeing through these cold dead eyes now,
    This world looks much different.

    The scars of one’s life entire,
    Appear now for all to see.

    What once meant everything,
    Really means nothing now.

    I still see and sense things mortal,
    But the earthly world can’t hear my words.

    Lying on an ice-cold white slab this darkest night,
    I see the pale yellow moon’s sad face in the sky.

    With visions of people who’ve crossed over before,
    I wonder when Charon shall finally appear?

    Shall it be him who appears on this new horizon?
    Or shall it be someone or something else?

    The everyday mortal world moves on as before:
    Regardless of one’s wealth, poverty, fame, shame, infamy.

    I guess now all the ancient mysteries of the universe,
    Shall become obvious and answered in kind.

    I wonder what shall be said to me and the reception?
    Thumbs up or thumbs down—I guess I shall find out.

    The pale yellow moon now appears brighter . . .
    As if a special message cometh soon from a winged angel.

    Hope this helps to answer my lingering questions . . .
    As the dark void from the mortal world grows greater now.

    I feel a gentle tug pulling me upward now from Earth’s grasp,
    Into the majestic arms of infinity and into God’s eternal light!