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  • What I miss the very most is the intimacy. I also miss not having a partner in life you know someone to share the ups and downs the good and the bad. But besides the companionship I miss being close to someone knowing what they were going to say before they say it recognizing their touch in the dark with your eyes closed that sort of thing intimacy closeness. I also miss someone to hold at night and a wake up to in the morning.
    I miss looking in those beautiful eyes and saying I love you.
    And I miss feeling her arms around me hugging me tight thanking me for something or telling me that she loves me also.
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  • @hopelessromance I'm sorry to read what you've been going through. You'll get no judgement from me or anybody with an ounce of compassion or empathy.

    When my wife (of sorts) started an affair less than a month after our "wedding", we ended up separating but as soon as she realised the mistake she had made she started pleading mental health issues... I fell for it, took her back, and got stuck in a very unhappy controlling relationship for 5 more years.

    I don't share that to make things about me, but rather to let you know I understand what it is like to be cheated on and keep giving chances to people who don't deserve it. If you want a friendly ear, you're welcome to drop me a message.

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  • @Matt_Aranha Im really sorry that you had to go through that. My husband as well always came back pleading mental health issues as well so thats definitely a similar situation you have been in. I would love to chat more if you would like to. Thanks

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  • Im not trying to or will I ever mean judgement... I have been through my only relationship disappearing into dust after 5 years of my fiancee meeting another guy 2 days prior to us breaking up... I know what it's like to trust and love someone for no greater return than realizing it wasn't true love... But all I can say is that these people that cheat or lie on a serious level (especially less than a month after your wedding like matt) aren't really in Love with you and are just playing you! Trust me... It's hard to hear and I don't say it to make you sad.. But to make you strong.. Try to move on from this relationship... It's not a real one and even if it takes a decade to find another lover, it's worth the wait... We all deserve nothing but true happiness even if it means being alone for a long time... just remember being alone and being lonely are not the same things... Learn to love yourself first!

  • @Hiimbored thank you i appreciate it! ❤

  • @hopelessromance Of course! Hang in there and if you ever have a question or need reassurance just post here (or PM me if its a private thing) and I'll respond to you as fast as I can.

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    @wet-teri yes exactly!!!

    I would really love to speak to you. I think we could help each other quite a bit I think we also our kind of cut from the same cloth and would make a good friendship here's my email
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    Please contact me at your convenience

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    @Matt_Aranha Im really sorry that you had to go through that. My husband as well always came back pleading mental health issues as well so thats definitely a similar situation you have been in. I would love to chat more if you would like to. Thanks

    And because we have caring hearts, we let them get away with it... I know the score, and all the gaslighting which follows 😞

    My inbox is open if you would like to message me, or if you follow me I can message you first instead. Whichever you prefer, I don't mind at all.

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  • Will my friends please help me with this lady please?
    Let her know that she should be open to giving me the opportunity to get to know each other and see what happens.
    I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to reach her

  • @hopelessromance said in no judgement just lonely:

    married. I miss the feeling of being in love. Ive put up with a lot throughout these years. I just wanna find someone i can have an emotional & mental connection with again because as many times as ive talked to my husband and tried it never gets anywhere & any problem gets put back on me because hes a manipulator. Hes cheated on me multiple times, but i'm the one that forgives & puts up. i know its stupid but if anyone knows what its like to be given up on its me. I just miss love & connection, with a guy or girl it doesn't matter. non judgemental people. just positivity.

    Quite hard trying to think of something just say in front of everyone that is solely meant for you although I have nothing to hide it is harder for me to open my heart with everyone staring at me.

    I understand exactly what you are lacking and I have the same needs to the extent that what you say you miss are the exact same things that I feel the need to give and provide.

    I need to feel the intimacy in my heart before the lack thereof causes me to become a different person and lose that part of my psyche. I am a very loving caring and generous person and I need to have someone to give that aspect of me too because without it I'm slowly fading away not caring about my own existence.
    I'm not suicidal nor am I fatalistic but honestly I need to have someone that I can give to in my life and I'm tired of just being used for what I have not for what I am
    I give freely all of me meaning I want my lover to always have everything they want and they are free to take it however people that just see the things that they want will take I am unwilling to give. Does things that part of me needs to be long to someone who wants it not just someone who takes it and abuses it.
    There is no intimacy in rape.
    The love is not there.
    I need to look deep into someone's eyes and see their soul open and receptive to the love I'm giving and to feel the love that is returned in the same process.
    It is not hard to see it is not hard to feel it comes naturally when two people both open themselves and give freely to one another you cannot miss it.
    My soul is forgetting day by day that pleasure in life and that causes my mind to not care if this continues I will lose that part of me and forever my love will be altered for the worst.

    So please miss hopeless romance, at the risk of being cliched I beg you to please allow me the opportunity to show you true love and how it can be how wonderful your presence on Earth truly is and what it is like to be desired and cherished. How good life is when you have a true partner someone who wants to see you happy and wants to make life as good as it can be for both of us.