need i girl that loves me back......''how to die without feeling dying?....loving someone that doesnt love you back.''

  • need a girl to help me,stay with me,and makes me happy,im not handsome,rich,intelligent guy but i know what love is

  • So you are not smart, not handsome, not rich...
    Are you at-least funny bro?
    Because if you aren't we are walking into a territory which usually ends with lonliness...

  • @lucifer_ hahahaa

  • firstly don't love someone who doesn't love you back,they are not worth it

    secondly don't be so sure that a guy needs to be rich handsome and intelligent to get a girl
    it can be the little things you do
    like being kind
    like smiling always
    like having a heart to help anyone who needs it
    plus even if u feel like u r the worst person in the me there is someone out there somwer who thinks u r so much better than you think u r.

    I'm not the most lovliest person to be around and i found love and if i can ..i guess anybody just have to be open minded and look carefully may be she is not the most prettiest or the wittiest or the brightest but she likes you..(is there someone like dat?)remember just like you there are many people who thinks they are absolutely nothing,,.you are not alone.