Need Help.. come-back-love problem... (long-story alerted)

  • I'm 21y/o muslim male who's living on Indonesia and on last year of college.

    So.. here is the problem.. I was have a GF on Junior Hisghschool (JHS), a christian-mongolian-white girl which is nicest GF I've ever had.. Kind of introvert and shy but always sweet and kind.. we've been through JHS with all the romance and the twist of it.. couple times break up and couple times made up.. but still a kind of good romance story..

    Years passes and at the end of JHS year she have to leave town for continuing her study on capital (She takes Design School, i take regular Highschool (HS)).. I decide LDR won't work and we (again) break up..

    For 6 years I've never been get intouch with here, know how she did now, or anything.. Complete lost.. and n that 6 years, at some point, I tell this story to my little sister. as her lessons of life.

    Suddenly, 2 days ago, my sister just send me a pic of her dancing at the club with her 2-drunk-friends, told that it's a great night, epic party, and told that one of her friend are started getting wasted..

    These photo confused me A LOT.. how could a girl that I know introvert and kind turns out become a girl like that.. (in my perspective) I don't know that girl.. Seeing those picture really twist my emotion... I can't even describe what I feel.. that day all I thinking about is her.

    One day pass and I start to forget it.. but stil it's bothering my mind, how could she become like that.. at some point I decide to contact some of my JHS friends who still get intouch with her after JHS graduation.. turns out, she actually become like that is because after break up with me, she find a guy who turn her become like that.. even one of my friend told me the she have post a picture with a hickey on her neck, but already deleted.

    Right now I'm at state that feeling guilty because my decision to break up lead her to become this person. I want to fix this by trying to bring her back to the girl who kind and sweet.. at the other hand..

    you know what I mean..

    so please guys.. What should I do..

  • twist your emotions... so you didnt like what you see?

    how i see it is that its not your fault why she became what she is today. a lot can happen in 6 years. 6 years comeon! if youre guilty bc of something that you did years ago when you were younger and thinks that the maim reason why she changed and is only wanting to be with her again because you dont like what she has become now and wants to change her back to her old self... just let her go and let her do whatever she wants in her life. maybe she likes herself better now and dont need you. you might think youll be helping her but maybe at the end of the day, youll just end up hurting her again for not wanting to accept who she is now

  • @khai I agree

  • there are two kinds people one who has nothing in the future to do so they like stay in the past
    and the other likes to explore implore and move forward
    people change life change what she has become now for good or for worse is a result of the choices she made...and please let her live her life ..u made a decision once stick to find someone else to ruin life.