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    On cold evenings
    Surrounded by friends
    Warm and
    I could stay up forever
    Taking strength
    From the blackness
    Feeling that I could float upward
    And walk with the stars
    On their lonely journey
    Through heaven.

    There was a girl
    I was with then
    And beautiful
    When I first saw her
    I wanted to feel her softness
    Her breathe on my cheek
    Her hand
    Brushing against my thigh
    When I held her close
    And even closer
    I wanted her
    To say she loved me.

    Our love
    Had a perfect balance
    Teasing and challenge
    And seduction.

    A subtle change
    That I never understood
    Came about
    The closer we became
    The more anger
    And resentment followed
    When she smiled I was envious
    When I laughed she was angry
    We broke up
    We were young
    It was my fault
    Her fault
    Our fault
    Or blame it on the times we lived in.

    Outside my room
    Footsteps echo
    In a long and empty hallway
    And like an undeliverable letter
    A message scrawled
    To no one in particular
    Haunting visions are
    Returned to me
    The slenderness of her waist
    The way she arched her back
    The touch of her hand
    The way she kissed
    I feel her presence
    Yes, I relive all that.

  • damn this poem, u feel it when u read it.

  • That's a very graceful poem...

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    @ragnar-lothbrok thanks a lot bruh

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    @lucifer_ thanks a lot ma friend