• Hello TWS-verse!

    It's pleasant to be here as a newcomer, unsure of where to start or what to do, honestly. Im sure it will all be sorted out in a momen's notice. But I do look forward to meeting some cool peeps to make friendly with ( and who dont mind someone who marks out about wrestling from time to time)

    But anywho, who would like to point me to the crepes? I'll take on some Q's! 💙

  • I'm on about day three of TWS. You'll get the hang of it. Just keep your mind open and jump into a topic.. To be honest i'm not someone who is able to talk to someone first. So i'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone to tell you... Welcome!

  • @assassinodesu please Hermit is my last name.. call me MT. and YESSS. I live to serve the all mighty Prince of all Saiyans

  • @muaythaithermit

    I appreciate that, hermit! I'm currently searching around to see all the neat spots here haha. Praise be, prince of all saiyans 😁

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