Unpopular Opinion: Submitting a new topic with "I'm bored"

  • I'm probably going to be crucified for this, but I feel like it needs to be said...

    Submitting a new topic with "I'm bored. . . anyone want to chat?" or any title that includes the words "bored" and "chat" in the title is lazy.

    I feel like anytime I check the Recent Topics page I'm bound to see a post with I'm bored lets chat several times. Anytime I read that I think that person must be in fact boring. Why on earth would anyone want to talk to someone thats boring? Plus I think posting "I'm bored. . . lets chat" is lazy. All that being bored means is that they lack the capacity to keep themselves entertained. I don't mean entertained in the traditional sense of the word, I mean in the broader sense.

    It's' hard to get to know anyone from a conversation that goes like this:
    I'm Bored
    -Yeah, me too

    Like where do you go from there??

    I don't believe in my heart of hearts that anyone thinks of themselves as boring, because no one is boring. We all have a story to tell. We all have interest. Lets talk about them. Lets share with each other. Lets tell each other what we're into and why. Lets grow as a community.

  • @Lindsey you won't be crucified by anyone for that Lindsey, i for one will pull you off the cross and high five you, that needed calling out sister! Also the implications, I'm only lowering myself to converse with you because I'm at a loose end, it's not the most engaging of vibes is it? Like, even my fucking dog doesn't want to play, you'll have to do! And i agree entirely, the bored are the boring, otherwise they'd have enough imagination to not be bored. You have a great mind, keep those thoughts flowing onto these pages 🤘🤘🤘

  • @Lindsey I think in generaly when it's a topic about boredom it's not good i mean i fought now for someone who did such a topic but lately i did it only because i like her really much and she didn't wrote anything with including ''chat'' into it.. But i am sure we need a new sort of category with the title ''place for boredom'' or something like this.. I understand you pretty well finging right peoeples is absolutly hard and it's not nice to find so much ''boredom plz chat me'' topics or chats where peoples literaly write like this what you wrote down here.. ! I mean if someone is bored surely he can mention it but maybe not on this way ..I don't know what to do about against this wave of bored peoples eh i mean peoples wich are boring ! but you said it and let it out ! arigatou

  • @Lindsey Indeed ... I agree with you in that ... You've said it all ... I prefer not to post any thing rather than posting that I am bored or something similar.

    Personally, I don't get bored at all because I am always doing something new, such coding and learning new technologies ... Or just chatting with great people I know here.

  • @Lindsey said in Unpopular Opinion: Submitting a new topic with "I'm bored":

    All that being bored means is that they lack the capacity to keep themselves entertained.

    Amen to this, said it for years...

    Also how many are actually bored and how many mean "Please show me some interest so I can try talking you into some internet nookie/nudes sharing"? 🤔

  • @Lindsey Crucify her, crucify her throw vodka-soaked nerf balls at her, use feathers on her feet till tears well up from too much laughter while the Blue Man Group plays a rhythmic beat. Pack all the seats with bored spectators to change their outlook in life and enjoy the beautiful mind distracting show giving them all something to chat about ...........peace and love 🙂

    Let's not forget the other most popular topic " I'm Horny" ...lol

  • @Death_is-Better lol you! 😁

  • @Scottish its true I didn't even read her thing its so long

  • doesn't care what I have to say yet cares enough to comment lol

  • @Matt_Aranha yep Matt, bored = horny but have no imagination , as Annie Lennox sang, missionary men 😁

  • Why note I'm here to make you happy

  • @Death_is-Better K you have a short attention span, Lindsey always has something interesting to say, you however are always funny 😁

  • funny. i made a post about the same thing/subject and get ostracized. F this place

  • @Ladydoall30 you, Mrs, are fucking brilliant!

  • @Lindsey i, for one, am incredibly boring.

  • @Scottish I don't really care what she has to say

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