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    so here comes the first post of the new series :
    you know how is it when you start to succeed in something and suddenly face a hard downfall , eg - downvotes , less upvotes and very less replies on your posts on talkwithstranger and jealousy from friends present everywhere in school in tuition etc. , it happens with me regularly , i ignored it , then i tried to ignore it and now it has become so difficult for me that i cannot even tend to ignore it , sometimes it feels like committing suicide or something , but then the stupid thought comes in mind that what if my crush is planning to ask me out and i die before listening to him XD and the main thing is i love my parents and i want to make them proud , this gives me hope but i am vry sad to say that i am gradually losing this hope and tolerance .........

  • Yo bff, u still my rival thou, down votes and less replies is among challenges that we will always face. We love from it. So dont loose hope.

  • Let me tell you this, you are taking things too seriously. You must not bothered about this upvotes and downvotes stuff. This is just a virtual world and the probelms here are so virtual. Getting downvotes not going to make your life hell, on other hand, consider you got millions of vpotes, stilll its not going to change your life because it's all fake. It's like earning coins in a certain online game, having them not going to make you reach, but, we stilll go for them. differences, fights, commmunication or whatever happens here is fake, don't mind it. Once you logout, or close the browser/app, flush it out of mind.
    Now, about whatever you are experiencing with your schollmates or whatever real people, consider one thing, will it matter you after 1o years from now, if not then why give a shit now. Suppose, entire class laughs at you, you will defeinately feel bad, feeling bad is okay, but, upto what point you keep feeling bad is crucial. Leave it once you get outta class. Feeling bad is not going to undone what happened. If you leave it, it will disappear in air. On other hand, remeber the instances when you and entire class laughed on some other poor guy, at a certain moment, upto what point you kept thinking about it. you must have got over it immediately, then, why not treat yourself same way. Have you watched "beautiful mind" movie, if not, must watch it, you will understand, what I'm trying to explain. If I tell you the moral of movie, I might spoil the suspense for others who have not yet watched the movie.
    People are facing much bigger problems and they are stilll happy in life. It doesn't mean that yours are the ssmall problems, but don't just get depressed, deal with it, tackle the problems or live with it, just don't give a damm.
    As mentioned by you, you are stilll in School and that's a most crucial and creative phase in life, utilise it to do soemthing which will make your parents feel proud.

    oh shit, I wrote TOO MUCH.... :-)

  • The thing that is so hard about life is that you will fail at things but failure is not the end my dear it is the begining of a new attempt with the knowlage of the previous attempt