The Ghost of something lost

  • It happens. They forget the of your voice, the shape of your eyes, and the curve of your smile. When you left, you tried to leave traces of yourself behind. But you’re smell on their sweater eventually fades, and your things in their drawers get pushed back. Than suddenly you aren’t real anymore so you are replaced with someone who is. You are a ghost, a shadow, only a memory. So much that you wonder if you even existed to them at all. I do not see weakness in placing your heart on your sleeve; I see bravery in a world that can be so cruel. I see something raw and beautiful in being as honest as you can be. Being shoveled away from life and love or family is always a pain that has crushed you into a ghost. You hid yourself once again people joke and don’t understand your hurting. You have gone to therapy most of your life. You go to the doctors office and they asked questions about if you could be depressed or angry. With the worlds conversations All the process to make a world a better place didn’t happen all to well. Yes there are wonderful people out there that would kill themselves just to save others from hurt. The earth as we know it is already damaged. We have no clue what other places there are we have our own theory of imagination of other worlds. So tell me why does it feel like I am just the ghost of something that’s lost.

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  • you are not a ghost, you need to reinvent yourself, it feels like one is a ghost, but try new things, the universe is a huge place full of wonders, maybe in what once was your world you have become a ghost, keep opening doors untill everything seems small then you will no longer be a ghost, you will have taste life and its wonders, keep pushing yourself to new horizons, doors and experiences. i like your writing 🙂

  • good writing i like it

  • Hyyy how are you

  • @Emma-Bradley I thought this are really good and deep words thanks a lot for your effort to write all this down 👍 🍩

  • @Emma-Bradley beautiful piece of writing

  • @Emma-Bradley follow me

  • @Emma-Bradley I love ur writing.

  • great word as philosophy phrases

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