• I don't nescessarily have one but if idid it would be my shit sister. Or my evil ex. Who FUCKING HATES Someone? It can't just be me 😊~~[strikethrough text](link url)~~

  • 7 Billion ppl on this planet would say Mr Cheetos add me to the list

  • @Ladydoall30 Mr Cheetos? You mean this guy?
    alt text

  • @NathanOnFire Bahahaha , the orange man in the white house doing lines of pain killer

  • Oh...I have so many. Most of which are out of my life finally but I hope karma finds them soon if it hasn't already. A few I actually keep around and I play it nice with them and I like to see how much I can manipulate them. One is a close friend actually but she is a compulsive liar and I know that she is lying so she hasn't admitted to her lies yet but I play it stupid with her but also fuck with her as well until she comes clean.

  • interesting topic, but i believe hate is a powerful word. As well as I believe to hate someone means you give effort/ time to that someone you hate, and I for one would never want to give someone I hate any more of time/ effort. So for that reason, I don't hate, but there are people I don't care for and because of that I don't care to think about them.

    But by all means, let the hate flow through you : )