• Update from last post:
    Sooooo went to my appointment to get my wrist checked out most of my pain went away after taken some prescription grade inflammation pills I got from my boyfriends ex wife. He believes it is tendinitis so he gave me more of those to take for 4-6 weeks. Anyways he brought the main doctor in to look at my hand and x-rays which confused me and he said I have a loose joint in my thumb and wants me to wear some type of brace on it when doing physical activities I guess like lifting.
    I asked if it was because I can do this with my thumb and he kind of panicked and said probably. :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes: I like freaking people out. Took me years to be able to do this.
    83045044_2644580102294369_957461322537107456_o.jpg 82348223_2644580202294359_6614848603389165568_o.jpg 82238175_2644580298961016_1970904434221252608_o.jpg

  • @Ryiya just attempted to do that ryiya, got nowhere near lol, it hurt too 😁 i hope you feel better soon

  • @Scottish lol it doesn't hurt when I do it I saw kids when I was in school doing it so I started back then trying to be able to do the same thing eventually it loosened enough to do it easily with no pain. I still can't do it with the right one though.😹

  • @Ryiya it must have taken a lot of practice lol. My kid's mum can splay all the toes on her foot, she calls it her duck foot, she can only do it on one foot. She practiced that a long time before she mastered it

  • @Scottish my dad was able to bend all of his fingers completely backwards I am not able to do that. I can't do that with my toes I got syndactyly on my 2nd and 3rd toes on each foot they are stuck together XD.

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