• Not looking for the weird or perverted stuff, just genuine chats with people from all over the world. Could be about anything, i always liked to travel and meeting new people, i just recently moved, so my evenings tend to be a bit less entertaining as they used to be. If there are people out there looking for a chat, can be about anything, feel free to do so. Im new here.

  • Very doubtfull he will use nukes, there is still profit to be made over there. Nukes will always be a deterrent, the weapon bussiness will have to keep going, so rest assured it wont be a WW3

  • I have faith in his need to make money and that he brings profit for the people who brought him into office, oil and weapons and lots of money make their world go round and round. Any other worries you have? :)

  • Not nearly as much as weapons and oil, weapons are the biggest bussiness, i dont have a crystal ball, but they usually go for what profits make them the most. Or what profits their buddies the most.

  • here is a ? do you trust the Orange Man we have in charge in the States with the nuclear button, esp NOW!??????

  • you have more faith in him than i , apparently. i should be digging my bunker hole soon :)

  • um, if he is all about making money, he just shot himself in the foot by banning alot of JUUL products. that shit rakes in dough!

  • @K3v1nP hey wats up

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