• Some say true love is so rare because it's one soul getting trapped
    in two bodies. They spend eternity trying to become one again.

  • you know the love becomes true when the relationship is actually strong... First of all, you see the the person in the human and all the other is a secondary staff. He/She may learn something new but you can't learn him/her how to act. So basically it may need specific time and place to get known with it very well and only after all of that, ask yourself: how is that person and how are you? If you really feel that you can do anything for him/her cause he deserves it cause of his/her humanity so, that is time when you realize that you can be the part of something especial and it's worth more than yourself and your life...

  • true love is where you all of yourself to another person

  • True love is when she doesn't cry when we have sex

  • @LA-Man true love hurts