Any Ex-Christians, Ex-Muslims, Ex-Buddhist, Ex-Hindu And Other People Who Leave Their Own Faith For Their Own Reasons?

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    With all due respect, anyone here in TWS who leave their own faith for their own reason?
    If so, care to share your experience and the reasons why you leave the faith and what exactly happen after you leave it?

  • @iTAG I think that most people at some point of their life have disbelieved either openly or secretly(or at least have been confused) in the religion they were born to. But that is not exactly leaving the religion.

    One cannot leave the religion simply by disbelieving it since religion is an official issue and leaving it can be a taboo. But may be not just believing is the reason for their disbelieving.

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    @Sij religious people tends to describe the ex-religious people that are leaving their faith just because of depressions and stuff which are not exactly true because there are also many factors and reasons people leave their faith that such as, since there are so many beliefs claim to be the only truth and others are wrong, that can only lead to one truth that is no beliefs is true hence, people who used to be religious leave their faith because of these reasons. Heck, there are even people who are even more evangelically more religious than others who leave their own faith with very similar reasons.

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