Feeling Down..... Am I?

  • @Sij Imagine the view. A grey mash of snow and dirt on grey roads, grey buildings, all of them look the same and cloudy grey sky with sun hidden so deeply like somebody took care of it. I see all this grey something every day for a half a year.

  • @Silly_Boi I didnt understand you. I took my country as an example. I didnt have an opportunuty to choose my place of birth, unfortunately. Did you read "The Castle" by F. Kafka? When I was reading it I thought I was reading about Russia.
    Sometimes I think that I am living in the mad house.
    Maybe I am supposed to be in place like this. But I dont really want to.

  • @Black-biler But based on my personal experience, i think that cold weather can increase thinking ability though it can make people sad

  • @Black-biler
    Allow me to rephrase silly statements

    @Sij ouh how bout indonesian? There is a nations with hot seasons @Black-biler ???

    "oh, how about Indonesia? What? Is there any country without hot season?"
    Like that 😂

  • @Sij Cold weather is sobering me faster, than warm one, that's for sure. But I am thinking better when the weather is cool. And it would be really wonderful if it was foggy or rainy, in addition

  • I thought you're cheerful person, aren't you?
    Anyway, I have become a completely different person with the help of push-ups, heavy-metal, and English. I mean I was much more depressed a year ago than I am now.

    Don't rely on some mythical forces. Rely on yourself in the first place. Set a goal and achieve it. From easy to hard.

    I think if you improve your English, it will help you to cope with your bad mood. It will help me, at least, to cope with my bad mood I got after seeing constructions like "There is a nations with hot seasons"

  • @Sij I am sorry, I mean cool weather makes me think better, not cold one

  • Or you can try to treat everything in terms of the laws of nature.
    And answer those questions:
    Where am I? - In the three-dimensional space.
    What am i doing? - Existing.
    What am i supposed to do? - To exist. Of course, this question is impossible to answer, still I have one answer, which I consider to be correct. Exist and do what you can and what you want until it threatens to the existence of the people around.
    Do I really exist? - Without any doubt. Even If we are the characters of the video game we still exist. Since our personalities were constructed somehow we are part of the being. Anything that can be thought of is the part of the being.

    To sum up, such a world view maybe is not the funniest one, but it helps me to drive away negative emotions. So does the meditation. Meditation is one of the techniques for gaining the peace of mind, which can be achieved by relaxation and focusing on your breath.

  • @Black-biler ouh yeah that the answer im look for thanks 🥰🙏

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