• This is a near and dear one for myself. Yes, there are many many ways we as the so-called dominant animal on this planet can help and improve the lives of our fellow animals. So taking in consideration of the form I am on here this is an easy one for you all.

    Follow animal shelters and organizations on social media and engage with them by commenting and “liking” their posts. Additionally, help them get more attention by sharing. You can help spread the word about adoptable animals, need for donations or other news and facts that they have to share. Wouldn’t it feel great to help a cat or dog find a forever home?

  • Ladydoall30 you are so caring.. I too try my best to support them. and it is people like you that gives them another day, another life with a family that they deserve. My band has been doing the animal shelter fund raiser in vegas for a while now, same with the cancer. It really does make a difference, and people like you, make it known, that they need all the help they can get.. Thank you Ladydoall30 for this wonderful post.

  • @Ladydoall30 i love this, it's close to my heart. You van also volunteer as a dog walker at your local.dog shelter. At one point i worked for a dog rescue charity, exercising and retraining abused animals. Probably my favourite job ever

  • Love dogs could never have one not fair for the dog the long hours and days away at times so cat Lady it is for me

  • Scottish, you big softy you.. good on ya

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