• Did any of you struggle with PTSD throughout your life? How well did you cope with it? Did it impede any of your big tasks in life? Were you able to overcome?

  • I am not a senior but I've been dealing with PTSD for 10 years now everyone handles it differently for me I actually stopped going out and socializing for about 4 years I still talked to friends online but not all the time I just wanted to be alone and also turned all my sadness into anger and hatred towards humanity. But also that time I spent alone gave me time to build myself up my confidence and to teach myself not to let people walk all over me and not be so nice and trusting to everyone I meet. I honestly still have a huge hatred for humanity but I do know that not every human being is a horrible piece of shit either it's just very hard to find the good one's but they do exist. I still keep my guard up though very high when I am introduced to someone new. They have to prove to me that I can trust them until I actually start to. I won't trust until they prove they can be trusted basically. I still have nightmares and anxiety sometimes panic attacks and paranoia at times I don't usually get many flashbacks unless something similar to past situations occur and my mind works mega fast to get out of the situation before it's too late.

  • Hi I'm new here anyone can chat

  • @Ryiya I can understand how taking one's time to process the wound and recover is important. That break is necessary. Thank you for sharing your experience. As for our subconscious, it is a mysterious place. I hope time can be your healer, as I hope for myself. x

  • @Angel11 hello Angel. I hope you are doing well.

  • @caesarsalad said in To everyone on here, ........especially the seniors...:

    Did any of you struggle with PTSD throughout your life? How well did you cope with it? Did it impede any of your big tasks in life? Were you able to overcome?


  • @spaceboy Well PTSD is actually a psychological condition that is caused by severe trauma that is why it is considered post traumatic stress disorder. An experience is one thing trauma is another if it's severe enough to cause distress and flashbacks.

  • @spaceboy There is more to it than just the experience sure it can make someone stronger mentally and emotionally some people also go the physical route as well but there are symptoms to it that doesn't just go away when you want them to.

  • @spaceboy I understand. I just think we categorize things for convenience of addressing them as such. Everyone DOES NOT (edit idk why i left that out lmao) reacts to the same situation the same way. There is complex genetic component involved in triggering of PTSD symptoms, but of course, it can also be purely environmental. That being said, it is important to medically classify symptoms in order to introduce preferred treatment. Yes, some people will come out of a hard situation minimally harmed and for them the past will just have been an experience, but not addressing a set of very crippling symptoms as what it is would kind of be a denial. PTSD can make a person very, very weak (for many years) before it makes them stronger. If left untreated, it can be permanently crippling. Some PTSD's (like complexed type) can plague a person for life because proper therapies have yet to be modeled for them, research continues. And in such a case it's not just an experience, it's a full living nightmare. :( Acknowledgement is the first step to seeking solution. Of course when it comes to how they prefer to address their situation, it's to each their own, and I can see why some people might not want to hear the word, as it could serve as an unsolicited reminder. x

  • @Ryiya yes, for me personally, PTSD ruined my professional and educational life. I'm on a break from work now, it has been a two years hiatus now, as being around people makes me completely nonfunctional. Unemployment isn't exactly the dream life now lol. xD

  • @spaceboy As of now the only thing's they really have for PTSD is to do therapy and also I tried TMS which is transcranial magnetic stimulation but right now they only have the one approved to treat some symptoms of it not all it's also used to help OCD. So as caesar said some people don't get nearly as traumatized to the point it's crippling and some people actually do which it's not something you can just get over. It's not something you can just brush off. Also some people who have been attacked by dog's in their childhood never want to have a dog because of that reason. As I said PTSD affects everyone differently. If a parent loses their child by death that isn't something someone just gets over and brushes off as an experience. It sticks with you forever.