• 19/f here. So, guys seem to never notice me? and if they do, they never approach me. In my head it's always been because of my weight, I'm not thin I am curvy, but when I'm not completely inside my own head about it I know I'm beautiful. My hair always looks nice, I have great lips and fantastic eyes, by breasts are a good size and my ass is incredible. I know all these things because I obsess over it, trying to figure out whats wrong with me. I'm always nice and witty and funny, I can be awkward and silly too but I don't let it trip me up. I at least act confident even if I'm feeling in my head in the moment. I just can't figure it out. The only time guys are interested in me is when I'm drunk, which I hate being. I want a guys opinion, like what the hell am I doing wrong? Seriously. I'm not above making the first move either, I just don't want to make a move on some poor guy that really actually wants nothing to do with me. Is it because my friends are all thin and gorgeous? Seriously, I've lost my mind trying to figure it out. Please send all the help.

  • @sikababy hello dear
    Never think like that...
    You and me lots of similarities in this case :)
    So I now how you feel...

    You just need to change that thinking 💭
    Think positive , you feel positive i promise to you

    It is scientifically proved

    When we think in negative direction that time we observed only what negative think we faced not able to seen in same time what positive think happened with us.

    So Be happy
    Keep smile on face
    Honestly you have so cutie face and smile

  • If you are everything you say then the only reason i can think of is guys find you intimidating. They find you as way out of their league and they don't want to get shot down. You say they hit on you when you are drunk that's probably because that is the time they think you are a bit casual a bit easy and you they'd have a chance. My honest suggestion is stop trying too much just talk to them like friends and some of them will definitely find the guts to talk with you. Best of luck!

  • From what i can see on ur picture you are looking danm well i really not think your are the problem its they guys u meet :) dont belive its your fault no matter what

  • @newbie56 where u seen my profile pics..
    Bcz in my profile she is pretty
    I draw her pics
    Not im

  • You are beautiful girl.

  • @emily Yeah rightt emily i told her but she didn't believe on my wrds , thanks for support