• Are you having a hard time improving your English skills? What do you do to enhance it? Do you think learning English online is one of the best way?

  • I had English subject in school n high school. but I really never learnt English from there. I just learnt pronunciation. I really learnt a lot English coz of internet aka social sites by texting people in other country. n then watched dubbed animes without subtitles that helps me a lot. so the conclusion is I found my interest first then start learning

  • Step 1: Get a dictionary
    Step 2: Memorise it
    Step 3: Use it to confuse people, because I pretty sure 80 percent of the world will not know what it means.
    Step 4: Forget what I just said, it was a joke. Try online courses instead🤓
    Good luck

  • Seems there's little point in becoming proficient with the English language. If one does so one runs the risk of becoming annoying, and pedantic. Oh, and also of using too many commas.


    Ahhaaa comments should have minimum 8 characters huh xD xD but I just wanted to send "😂😂"