Is it possible to combine 2D motion graphics with 3D graphics?

  • Is it possible to combine 2D motion graphics with 3D graphics to create animated logos?

  • 2D is the oldest way to create a picture, while the lines drawn on top of the 3D model track the location of the model and move with it. This allows you to return colorful and spectacular moments to computer graphics. In addition, thanks to vector graphics, you can create an image that will not be tied to the resolution in which it was created. This is the perfect combination of 2D and 3D. Although this question is best for you to turn to specialists

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    as far as i concern, you can combine it but again you need to have a concern with quality of mixed 2D and 3D. You can use Photoshop and Illustrator as a combination. It is kind of hard to make it balance like you should mix match it. My suggestion is, it is better to stick in one of them (3D is better), then you can try to make it more attractive with your own style if it is about video, but if it is about image or picture, it is pretty cool to make it.

  • Sorry, but not sure if I can help you with that. Graphics is not my field, I'm more qualified in software development or developing a website. And if you ever decide to make something like that then you can always ask me a question. Here is an article for you if you want to learn more about it. Anyway, wish you good luck with solving your problem.

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  • Am clueless on this but remember Toniko Pantojas on yt mentioning a new (free?) software to allow for 2d drawings in a 3d environment. Vaguely related to q?

  • Why not!? One difficult task is several simple ones. :)