• what do you think is the most annoying trait a human being can have? what kind of behaviors annoy the crap out of you?

    imo the worst personality trait a person can have is arrogance. i can survive everything else, but arrogant and/or pretentious people are incredibly irritating to deal with

  • Low-key same arrogance is the absolute worst to find in someone of any kind no matter what its about or because of. That and ignorance.

  • Agreed,

    I hate when ppl defend their stupidity even when faced with reality

    A guy at my old local would dribble, when pointed out he was a fool would just get defensive and more certain to push his shit

    Was both funny and infuriating, but mostly sad

  • Freedom Writers

    I hate people whose entire personality is based on pop culture and politics, to me, this means that they are just puppets of big corporations and scumbag politicians who control them indirectly. A person who can only talk in memes and references to shit only he understands might as well not live because they are not humans; just automatons built to buy useless crap and vote for the right scumbag. These people can't talk about anything else, only the latest disposable trend and/or fad that would be forgotten in a day.

    If you spend all day having a one-sided conversation with politicians on Twitter, if you only talk about TV series, if you claim to be nostalgic for an era you never experienced or lived (while only knowing about it through YouTube stars) then I don't even want to know you.