Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

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    dude nobody cares of anybodys opinion, just leave it alone.
    Let these narrow minded people be, its their fault for not being intellectually intelligent.
    Life has no meaning, and wasting your life trying to fit a planet into a singularity wont get you anywhere.

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    it has been going on for a month, stop now

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  • @alwaysstranger you say calling people stupid, troll or retarded is being intellectually superior? Ive never heard of that.

  • @alwaysstranger and you didn't read my message or you didn't understand any of it. Sigh. I really was wasting my time. Pity.

  • A "religion of terrorism" is a concept which does not exist. There is no such thing.

  • @alwaysstranger I don't think, I know that it is not the religion that is violent but the people. There are violent Christians, Islams, etc...they just don't get broadcasted in nationwide television since they are not 'Islam' & that's what I think is unfair.

  • @alwaysstranger got it.

  • @alwaysstranger you made a good point about the anonymity of the answers. that's true, but the answer is still subconscious one based on what is already ingrained in their brain. but that's just a way to look at it. other than that yeah the statistics are 100% correct.

  • @shivanya well said. A good example of using religion to oppress women is Sharia Law at its finest.

  • it is. the oppression of women and homosexuality is enough proof.

  • @david-jesús well all religions are pro terrorism :)) doesn't change the fact that muslims will cut my head/ throw me from some high building for being as little as LGBT supporter

  • @muslim is not a religion of terriorism rather islam is a relgion of peace

  • @alwaysstranger >>> Meaning ?

  • hell no, all of religions teach us do not killing each other, dont blame the religion but blame it on people who do it

    im a muslim and im not a terrorist, we live in peace, isis is an america's army, isis is not islam

    thank you

  • @haseeb yeah, im on you

  • @alwaysstranger "it" referring "to ISLAM", been brought with equal plain of terrorism, is an absolute sway to a sincere approach of rationality.

  • @alwaysstranger ..Reason for saying so, well , i wouldn't know the full contrast to the premise before the said argument, but let's try and be logical, rational and deductive thinkers, few misleading unrepresentative element cannot in any way dictate the actual crux of an ideology.

  • The short answer is 'no' because of course Islam is much more than that (so the question is a bit simplistic) But the problem for Islam is it is hard to get away from its roots. Mohammad was a warrior, and the Islamic faith was initially spread by territorial conquests. It has also tended to spawn theocracies (where God/Allah is the ruler over Sharia law...which by default means a dictatorship...because unfortunately God doesn't speak on cue). So terrorists live in the extreme end of Islam and find their justification in their founder. Of course we know that there are millions of peace loving muslims.

    We also know that Christians have been guilty of conquests in the name of religion too. (Although the crusades ordered by the pope were aimed at stopping the advance of muslim conquerors across Europe, and so i think justified just on self-defence alone). But on the other hand we know that the Catholic church of the Middle Ages was despotic and a monster. But along came Martin Luther in the 1500s and said... we have to 'reform'. 'We have to go back to our roots and live as Jesus lived'. And the church threw out a lot of stuff and went back to basics. Islam has a problem with doing that... if it reforms, it still goes back to its roots... which included expansion by conquest. So it is much harder for Islam to get away from the territorial nature of its roots, and so terrorists will continue to find justification and energy in the same place.

  • @alwaysstranger ...i just saw the reply with thread 5

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