• I gotta wonder how can it be profitable enough there are 2 million of them online? It bugs me they rarely stat it untill they reply to your message but that's another rant.

    Do people buy from them? Most are scammers and bail as soon as you pay according to a shit load of post online so why would you risk it?

    More importantly for what they want for pic/ vids you could join a quality network like bang bros. or something like that for a month of more? Surly that's better value.

    This is ignoring the fact that THE INTERNET IS FULL OF FREE PORN!! there is no way you could ever get off to all the free porn in your life time, I have not done the math and won't but ild put my left nut on the line and say you couldn't do it. So why the fuck would anyone pay for it?

    I don't understand this at all, what's going on here that I'm missing? Someone fill me in

  • @rip80sa1 you are right. Buying from them is totally worthless and senseless too. The amount they demand i think its expensive. First i dont wanna spend my money on this shit as you said internet is full of free porn. incase i want to slend money then i will find a good site in whichbit is worth paying but not to these fucking idiots.

  • @aakash-shrivastava exactly!
    Come on who here is paying these ppl? Someone must be, explain yourself,
    Girls, how much you raking in? What's your hook/scam?

  • @rip80sa1 some foolish people pay to them which encourages them to make fool of more people and to advertise also... and its humble request to nice innocent and humble people to say away from these frauds as your money and time is more valuable from them..

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