Vacation get away

  • So last Thursday me (19 m) and my mom (47 F) went to Dallas for a few days, she had to meet some clients Friday evening but other than that we were just gonna chill, swim, relax in the jacuzzi and just enjoy our time away. She gets in Friday night around 9 and ask if I wanna go down to the hot tub with her. I change into some basketball shorts because I didn’t bring swim trunks and she come out of the bathroom in a white and gold string bikini, we get in the hot tub, and a quick dip in the pool before finally settling on the sauna, we had about 45 minutes before everything closed but we were the only 2 around, she wraps up in a towel and goes in before me, i go in dripping wet with no towel.
    All the excess water I brought in made it foggy so mom tells me to take my wet shorts off and throw them outside, i tell her I didn’t bring a towel so she stands up and takes the one from her head and gives it to me... now I hadn’t mentioned this yet because this is where the story kinda goes crazy... the towel she hands me is a glorified hand towel and won’t wrap all the way around me, so I’m trying to hold my towel on when I see mom toss her bathing suit out also, and standing in the middle of the sauna she turns toward me while shes attempting to readjust her towel and loses one corner and the whole towel drops to the floor and OMG my mom has a heart shaved in her pubes 😵....
    Apparently my eyes bugged out of my head and couldn’t look away because she ends up laughing and leaving the towel off.... she laid back on the bench across from me and I had a perfect view of her naked body which made me hard AF, at this point i has givin up on tiny towel and just leaned against the wall, trying to sneakily play with myself while staring at my naked mom....I thought I was doing a decent job hiding it at first til I started feeling like I was about to cum, then I tried to get in a sitting position I could hide better and opened up right as she looks over and sees me with my cock throbbing in my hand and eyes locked on her body.... she didn’t say anything just kinda grinned at me, so I end up moving into the corner and finishing myself, when we got back to the room she tossed her towel off and plopped on her bed naked and exclaimed I had no idea how bad she needed that, I hop in the shower first, and when I get out mom is still naked on her bed, her laptop on the bed beside her and one hand covering her pussy. I’m pretty positive she was fingering herself....
    Now here’s where I need you all... what should I do? We haven’t even remotely mentioned it but I need to talk about it I think. Please help!

  • Hey girl how are you

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