• Do you know what is the most hardest & long lasting fight?
    In my opinion it is the fight between our own-selves. A fight which starts from the beginning of our understanding between reality and the way we are and this fight has no ending as long as either you can accept the reality or the way you are yourself. Sometimes I wonder if this fight between my-selves will have ever ending or has to flee from myself if there is any way out. To be honest, I don't know because still I'm alive & breathing normally no matter how many cigarettes I smoke in a day.

  • You're having anxiety attack. I get that a lot whenever I'm buried in work. I get stuck in thought loops and sometimes lose contact with reality
    Have to break the cycle. Do something you hate. I do push ups. I'm overweight and you can imagine what happens when you do push ups at an angle
    It gets me focused.
    Don't get lost in thoughts.

  • @rubennotroben Thank you for your advises. You are kind.