• @Sanskar-Male based on this chicks needs I don't really think "the most compatible person" is this invincible guy you describe 😑

  • @happymiss and youre expecting to find that here?

  • @Sanskar-Male you are describing an invincible guy my guy. Based on @happymiss needs, i just don't see how that's "the most compatible person"

  • @Lazz said in Fuck it ! I'm gonna say this now:

    @happymiss You seem to have a LOT of expectations, in a potential boyfriend. Can you say honestly you have as much to offer one, as well? Relationships are not a matter of "give and take" but, rather give and GIVE. Think, honestly, about what you can give someone, before expecting anything from another.

    Nicely put 😄 Lazz

  • Such an old topic but still an Interesting thread lurking for more replies to appear 😁

  • @Babaji_ Thank you for thinking so. Much appreciated 😁

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