• Why do some people just play with emotions? shtt just got real dude , hmpp.. How can you really tell? Thanks for all those who would answer. Really appreciate it!

  • @RoseoStarlo Look for inconsistencies, patterns, they are good ways to spot if people are playing games. History can be an indicator too. More than anything, without being paranoid, trust your gut. Your instincts are a finely-tuned evolutionary tool designed to protect you.

  • @RoseoStarlo Some people seem to get off on it. Others are so emotionally stunted themselves they don't even realise what they are doing 🙁

  • @Matt_Aranha I see. blep.. thanks dude

  • @Matt_Aranha well cool dude, you seem to know a lot 😜 Thank you so much!

  • @RoseoStarlo said in What is this and why?:

    @Matt_Aranha well cool dude, you seem to know a lot 😜 Thank you so much!

    Haha no comment 😜

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    I think things like vanity, and competition are driving factors for being let down by our peers, and loved ones. Let's say if we all did at the same time decide to stop competing for some kind of intangible empire, or even a real worldly one. What would it take for us all to drop our weapons? Of course humility, compassion, forgiveness, and self control, as well as sorrow for your own shortcomings, because lies are all meant to get what we want, or to hide from the truth. We hurt each other with lies. We can't pretend we didn't do anything wrong, because if we did there would be the desire to fight. What I'm saying is that we all hurt each other for our own personal agendas. For our own boost in way or another. We all want to be special, and some trample others to bask in that glory, while others choose to glorify a greater force in their hearts that is much greater than any being of the world, and persists in the ways of patience, humility, and all that represents the Christ despite even being alone in striving for his ways. It's easy to get caught up on the world when so few are even persistent enough to encourage, but instead worse persecute. if we all really considered Jesus all of us, and did so deeply, and with true submission as in obviously when I think of you Jesus you are far greater than me when I see my failures you are worthy I submit to that truth, and feel the desire to submit to the Lords greater glory then the world would be a much better place, even if at least more people truly did instead of pretending so they can pretend not to be guilty etc. Some so called believers throw God around to actually try to protect themselves from being sorry when they should be. The worlds a trip

  • @RoseoStarlo cuz they're fucking narcissists! I guess they are too busy living in their tiny lil world and are too far from humanity to give a damn about emotions or how anyone feels. They get this weird pleaure by hurting others thinking that, that makes them powerful in a relation but they're actually the weakest person!

  • Maybe people are like dogs, and you need to take them for a run across the fields, or exhaust them some other way, or they'll just start messing around with things -- like emotions.

  • @RoseoStarlo people can be cruel 😭

  • @steelfirehawk Thanks so much for your insight! Really appreciate it

  • @RoseoStarlo hmm, this is saddening to know. Did someone play mind games with you ? That's not a nice feeling to experience indeed. Sometimes it's pretty obvious if someone is just up for something stupid and shallow, don't give yourself in for something like that. Assume moderately, "kilig" responsibly.. don't jump into something you're not certain and always trust your gut. Evaluate, validate and contemplate before convincing yourself that there is something..

    As to your query, you just can't deny the fact that the world is overpopulated with those kinds of people. Guard yourself up and let that someone go, you don't deserve him.

  • @RoseoStarlo I believe you're a female and you have just met that someone online..am I right or what?
    I think he showed some signals that any girls/women will buy it.At first, he will try to impress you as much as he could and he will try to make you feel special.. then later on, you will fall into it, which is sad. Eventually, he will just go out of your sight the moment you fall into his trap. Thus, here you are trying to unwrapped those prickly blanket of sadness...

  • @cjko I'm a shemale :) haha. Yeah, anyway it's a learning experience

  • @RoseoStarlo oh.. that surprised me. Well, I hope you will meet that someone who will accept you and love everything about you, including your imperfections. :)

  • @RoseoStarlo said in What is this and why?:

    Why do some people just play with emotions? shtt just got real dude , hmpp.. How can you really tell? Thanks for all those who would answer. Really appreciate it!

    Because they are gay

  • @Indrid-Cold people like those don't even deserve a chance anymore

  • @Indrid-Cold people like those don't even deserve a chance anymore.

  • @cjko yeah I guess so huhu. gosh that's right . Trust the gut

  • @cjko tbh I don't want to reveal anything so maybe I can be both? hehehe. Have you experience this tho ?

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