• So in a schismatic world I seek merely mutuality with one female as a man who has only the Lord to confide in a world based upon human principalities, fame, wealth, popularity, and entertainment. Even my family, and so called friends who claim to love me are conditional in their representation of what I define as real love. I am a tired soul, and it seems even when I make sense to myself that no one can grasp what I am trying to relay, or they simply have not the capacity to aid me to fulfill this void regarding the relations between, a man, and a woman.

    I'm tired of worrying what people will think of me, or feeling peer pressured into conditioning myself to be accepted by the world. I'm creating this post to unleash myself, and my true hope is that I'll find a woman who is as insane as I am to collaborate with in this world of juxtapositions.

    So first of all I have no job, and I have no vehicle in fact I even threw away my Identity Card long ago, and you can do one of two things regarding these facts about me. You can judge me without having a curiosity to understand my reasons even to go as far as relaying your low opinion of my lack of worldly prosperity, or you can truly try to understand me, and perhaps even have a heart that understands. In the end I don't have any intention to become rich, famous, renowned, or even accepted by the world in order to gain a female companion.

    If there is a female out there who has physical passions of the flesh as I do, and cannot seem to shake sexual desires let me ask you this. What do you desire more? Do you desire money, popularity, and worldly stuff/things, or sex? I didn't add love, because the truth is that I believe God loves everybody regardless if they choose to believe it or not, and no one can love a person more than he does. I do not wish to pretend to be some kind of super hero love interest. If sex is at the top of your list, then more than opinion there is something deep down within me that knows that being sacred is highly valuable, but this world has become wasteful about such a beautiful possibility. Monogamy between one man, and one woman in the ways of sex, and remaining loyal will always be beautiful to me, even as the world tries to reel me in to some kind of illusion that its okay to expose flesh to the whole world, or have no discretion regarding my sexual orientations.

    Regardless of all that I have expressed above the truth is that if there were a woman as crazy as I am, and had a similar idea of such things than what could stop us from being together? For such a rare mutual partnership would we not meet in the middle even if we had to walk, climb, or swim to reach one another. To be together to stay together until the end.

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  • @steelfirehawk dude, you dont need to be rich of famous or accepted or anything. but marriage means also the prospect of having children. and children need food.

    women know that, and they dont find a man attractive, who could not take care of his children. and thats perfectly healthy and actually christian too.

    Man you should be the best version of yourself that you can be. if you have nothing, how can you give generously? if you are not capable of doing anything, hwe can you love thy neighbour?

    This is not what God intends for us. He intends for us to do good. Of course you should not judge others and they should not judge you, but man. This is wrong. Make somethig out of your life if you really want to honor the Lord.

  • There just isn't anymore faith in anything greater than technology, the system, money, or doctors. The truth is I started working my ass off at the age of 16 only to have my credit ruined by my dad who had at the time already used up my mom, and my sister. I didn't give up though. At the age of 18 I started working overtime, but my dad leeched my dry the whole time. If I would have found a woman to love me unconditionally I would have had a good reason to leave him without leaving on bad terms. It's only been the past few years I haven't been working not only a full time job my whole life, but overtime jobs. People only take advantage of you, and don't even consider how hard you worked if you got nothing to show for it. All anyone ever has to do is raid you and take everything away, and without a witness no one will ever know. Whats worse is they will all assume the worst when you don't have nice things. As far as food is concerned, here in America there are food banks in every city, it's super easy to get a food card, and many cities, even have places that serve a meal everyday. There's too much food in this country. There's not even a need for miracles like Jesus performed when he divided the fish, and the bread. Perhaps in other countries, but not here. As far as works, well mostly in America everyone just wants you to be like a cog for something iniquitous, or if not that its working for a place that does nothing but reap the resources of the world very fast, and by the time the world is drying up what will I be able to say for myself?? I needed to do me? lmao!! Ever heard the phrase "Ye workers of iniquity!" ?? I apologize for being difficult, but at the same time I hope you can understand my conundrums. If I really wanted money I could create a clever idea for an Idol, write a book about it regarding some of my own principalities, and provoke Gods anger, but I'm too sensitive to conviction to allow myself to do such a thing.

  • Jesus often asked people to leave their worldly things to follow after him, and the prophets themselves where like wild men. I can't get over this weight because I really believe the bible 100! I just wonder if a man, and a woman could do such a thing hand, and hand, but the bible also said marriage is worldly so I can't blame anyone if I fail to find such a thing. In the end I'll need to make a choice. I'll probably choose a meek life striving to get it right over getting married.

  • I could dress myself to be unwanted, yet 100% discreet in covering my flesh, and not causing anyone to be tempted as well as only speaking things that ring true rather than using my words in a twisted way as to be desired, but I know I'm not going to be a popular guy ever, but does that mean I should submit to peer pressure and the world to fit in? Nope

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    alright here it is, sorry for taking a day longer.

    Jesus said He wouldnt bring peace but the sword. mother against daughter, etc. when your father drags you down, you have to go, and not help him continue to do wrong. you need to take up your cross and follow jesus, on the uncomfortable road that leads to heaven.

    yes, many profets and the disciples were called to give up all their worldly goods and follow jesus in this way. but this is not for everybody. only those who are called directly by the Lord to proclaim His word in this way. Actually, if He had called you you would not have nothing. People would be giving you things all the time, and exactly in the right moment. Heavenly providence is real, and I've seen exactly this happen countless time to somone who is actually called.

    But if you are not called to this kind of life, then things like this won't happen to you. And then for you taking up your cross means working and providing for your family. And if you do that you'll see another kind of providence. You'll also see that He takes care of you through the work of your hands and thus helps you, your family and those with whom you share to live a good life.