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alright here it is, sorry for taking a day longer.

Jesus said He wouldnt bring peace but the sword. mother against daughter, etc. when your father drags you down, you have to go, and not help him continue to do wrong. you need to take up your cross and follow jesus, on the uncomfortable road that leads to heaven.

yes, many profets and the disciples were called to give up all their worldly goods and follow jesus in this way. but this is not for everybody. only those who are called directly by the Lord to proclaim His word in this way. Actually, if He had called you you would not have nothing. People would be giving you things all the time, and exactly in the right moment. Heavenly providence is real, and I've seen exactly this happen countless time to somone who is actually called.

But if you are not called to this kind of life, then things like this won't happen to you. And then for you taking up your cross means working and providing for your family. And if you do that you'll see another kind of providence. You'll also see that He takes care of you through the work of your hands and thus helps you, your family and those with whom you share to live a good life.