• We have to act everyday paper gets abused by people with pencils and pens and that is not alright so let's act

  • im vegan just wanna tell you that dont get offended okay im just vegan beacuse i like animals. im very sorry okay i dont look at a dog, and say that looks like food dude. im sorry okay excuse me princess okay sorry, that im not a part of the mans system okay sorry. im not some mindless cow eating slave sorry,


  • @alkal33 I didn't get offended but you did it seems

  • @Astatine oh im sorry, that some people feel ofense, im sorry okay sorry okay sorry i mean that some people dare to feel ofense really wauw okay sorry, im sorry for how i hurt you sorry that i feel ofense sorry i mean it im sorry, im sorry im so sorry that som people dare to talk about there dissagreement about you statements sorry okay sorry sorry i wanna say it sorry im so sorry, im so sorry, this so bad im really ashames sorry im really goddamn sorry i really mean it sorry sorry sorry, i real mean it sorry for reals sorry,

  • @Astatine rip paper 2019

  • @weeb-cheif-16 yup😢