• A little while ago, I approached the learned punters of https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com for advice on whether it was OK for an Englishman to wear a cowboy hat.

    Now I have another social dilemma, and I thought you guys could once again steer me true. The problem is this: I'm a big reader of magazines and newspapers --Vice, Little White Lies, Empire, Fortean Times, GQ (because I am a ponce), The Metro (skinflint), NME (skinflint), the Times, etc.

    90 percent of this stuff can go in one eye and out of the other -- but as I get older, I wonder ...should I start keeping a scrapbook? It does seem to be a bit of a nerdy activity ...and yet, I think back to all the crazy articles and stories I wish I'd kept. The cool graffiti shown in Vice. All those Alan Moore interviews in the free press, the newspaper stories about that guy in a supermarket who randomly punched a woman's doll, only it turned out to be a real baby (which wasn't seriously hurt). UFO stories, ghost stories, washed-up submarines, that bloke who went around licking people's doorknobs in the dead of night.

    But there's also this: I'm a red-blooded bloke. Am I disciplined enough to not just fill the thing with photos of sexy ladies? I'm not sure I am.

    Dunno what to do. At the moment I could go either way.