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    @AmyLancaster 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 its people who lack iq that scream anyhow and dont want to hear reason lol😂. I was telling u to try nd look things from another angle, and i even used my case as an example, but u're to small to figure that drama, shouting, insulting people and holding on to this wonthelp u heal from this in anyway🤷‍♀️! U can tatoo my words to not forget 'em if u like 😉

  • @AmyLancaster people want me to stay therefore I will. And so I've lied about my locations. Like I just said. I don't need to share every detail of my life with people. And I'm the only one trying to make things right so YOU. YOU are happy. What do I get out of all this besides hate. Yes you'd be surprised. I wouldn't post if I cared i wouldn't give you a second thought. Id let you fuck off. I wouldn't bother to message you or anything like that. But you don't see that Amy. I wouldn't give you my time because life's too short so you gotta make the most of it. But here I am giving YOU time. And for what? For clout? For my own self amusement? No of course not. That will get me nothing! It's for the simple reason that k care about you and don't want you to do anything stupid or anything you'd regret.

  • you dont leave just because you upset someone. just apologies and stay. we need you

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