• Extra terrestrial life exists but there are many possibilities due to which we can't contact them. So let's get into the Fermi Paradox!

    1. There are no signs of higher civilizations coz there r no higher civilizations in existence.
      i) coz we are rare?
      ii) maybe we r the first intelligent beings
      iii) maybe coz we're absolutely fucked up and we haven't reached a point where we can call ourselves as intelligent beings

    2. Intelligent civilizations r out there and there r logical reasons why we might not have heard from them.
      i) Super intelligent life could very well have already visited earth, but before we were here
      ii) The galaxy has been colonised, but we just live in some desolate rural area of the galaxy.
      iii) The entire concept of physical colonization is a hilariously backward concept to a more advanced species.
      iv) There r scary predator civilizations out there and most intelligent life knows better than to broadcast any outgoing signals and advertise their location.
      v) There's only one instance of higher-intelligent life - a "super predator" civilizations (like humans r here on earth) - that is far more advanced than everyone else and keeps it that way by exterminating any intelligent civilization once they got past a certain level.
      vi) There's plenty of activity and noise out there, but our technology is too primitive and we're listening for the wrong things.
      vii) We are receiving contact from the intelligent life, but the government is hiding it.
      viii) Higher civilizations are aware of us and observing us.
      ix) Higher civilizations are here, all around us. But we're too primitive to perceive them.
      x) We're completely wrong abt our reality.

    Which one do u think is amazing and truly possible? Let me see what ya all think!

  • @Gentle_man
    I think its quite apparent that there are other forms of life existing in this universe. Having no proof of it is just same as ignorance. You can ignore it all you want but the truth about existence of extra-terrestial beings won’t change. Also, its not true that our civilization has not got hints or instances of a higher civilizations. There have been various instances of UFO sightings (verified or not, doesn’t matter). There has been the WOW Signal. Also, the super intelligent beings did actually visit the earth before as in the Early Civilisations. There are carvings along the wall which actually gives indications towards such visits/sightings.

  • Being honest, leaving the possibility of aliens existing out, are you even sure that we exist? Like, how do you know that we do exist? Our senses could always be fooled, eyes, ears, nose, everything could always be controlled. For all I know, I could be the only thinking being and the rest of y'all are just a simulation, or better yet, I could just be an advanced computer plugged into a wall and forced into a simulation. Our entire population and history and everything could've just been downloaded into our minds. Every thought I've had could have been programmed into my head by a fat guy eating a cheeseburger. We have no actual proof that we exist, let alone aliens