• Let s imagine the following scenario: you are a team of 5 people looking for artifacts of an ancient culture. 2 archaeologists, 1 historian, 1 geologist and one physician.
    Unfortunately, the plane that brought you to a distant jungle has an accident at the turn to yours house and nobody knows only the exact location from where to transport you back. The two archaeologists are taken prisoners for breaking the territory of a tribe named the strong ones.
    This tribe is known in the area as having the power to recognize when someone is lying and not honest in what he says. They do not believe in the rich, they do not have the exchange currency, the values ​​on which they rely are: courage, sincerity, friendship in any weight and sincere emotion.
    They also have a secret: some scientists friends who visiting them once a month. They come from the modern world, so they have the ability to save you.The tribe will not connect you with scientists unless you can persuade them to free your colleagues. Just in the complete formula you can go home! The problem is that they meet in a secret place with those in the tribe, nobody knows where and when. You, as a team, have only one chance: to persuade the tribe that you really CARE! about their fellow prisoners!
    You can not lie that they will perceive this. Just touching sincere their heart, you will convince them to free your teammates.
    So ... what will you do or will you say?
    Every participant to this small contest, let's say, is entitled to only 2 replies. (variants, solutions). I will determine how many people have answered ok.
    Lets the trip begin! :)

  • @EmmaMusic I would show them that I care for them first, by providing help when I see they need it and by sharing and offering things that I have that they may want or need. Doing that shows I don't care for materials, only peace and safety. I would try to fit in with them and get along and become friends, once they notice my effort and care I will ask them to free my friends, as they too can offer their assistance. Instead of showing them why they should free them, I would try to show them why they shouldn't have captured them at all.

  • @EmmaMusic
    I love the intricate and in-depth detailing of this question. Gosh! I’m admiring the amount of effort that you’ve put in.
    Coming to the question:

    Since the 2 archaeologists have been taken hostage, we are left with the Historian, the Phycisian and the Geologist. Now the tribesmen are looking for friendship, sincerity, emotion, courage and honesty. So now how do we convince them?

    Now the historian would ideally be knowing about the history of the Tribes. So we can assume that he knows there touch points. He can help the tribe with strategic planning to get an advantage over their enemies, if any, along with various other secret passages or places that the tribe might not be aware of or wouldn’t know how to use such secrets.
    The Physician would help the villagers in coping up with different diseases or educating them about various medicinal requirements keeping in mind the dangers of their surroundings.
    The Geologist could help the tribe by teaching them agricultural techniques (a bit wide-off mark thing to say) as per the demographics of their land.

    Now, once the courage is shown to stand for their friends to get them out of prison, and help is done leading to a development of mutual respect, the 3 wise men can then tell them of their journey and share tales so as to make the tribe know the purpose of their visit and the importance of the two Archaeologists to the world and to the group. They would make the tribe understand that their tribe and their territory is a part of the world and that world cares about them. Once, the motive of ‘no harm intended’ is apparent to the tribe, the crew should be good to return back to where they came from with a promise to ‘visit the place again’.

  • First of all, thank you both for your answers. Secondly, I have to make some clarifications.
    Dear Wolfie ,it seems you did not understand what I meant, so I'll give you a second chance. Thank you for your apreciations.
    Your answer was logically, intellectually, even psychologically, I could say. But that's not what this scenario demands.
    I do not think you understood exactly what the tribesmen were asking for, something immaterial! something very emotional, very sincere, coming straight out of the heart! No aid in agriculture and the like ....and something else you BOTH do not understand .... not something emotional to the tribe they were asking for something for the prisoners! A direct act from the heart! for their team mates....
    Beautiful answer, The Golden Mole, but not the one I was looking for. anyway, until now, you've gotten closer to the idea of ​​the script. No offense for the others, please. I appreciate the effort on both!
    And you understood that the emotional response was to be given to the tribe rather than to their teammates. Yes, the heart's response is received by those in the tribe, they must be convinced that you are sincere and compassionate, but the answer is addressed to colleagues, to the crew.
    Understand now? You both? I hope, you do.....
    Maybe I did not express myself quite clearly in the script and assumed that the idea was accurate. So, on the other hand, please come up with other answers more appropriate to the idea in the script, if you do not mind .... excuses me of this double effort required.

    Thank you, both!! :)

  • @EmmaMusic
    Well I tried showing the different virtues of friendship, sincerity, emotion, courage and honesty through the various acts of the 3 people and then explaining the importance and care that the 3 freebies have regarding the 2 prisoners. But on second reading, I guess it has to be a "To The Point" answer which shows their LOVE FOR THE PRISONERS.

    So I guess, the best way to show compassion towards the fellow prisoners would be to ask the Tribesmen to treat the 3 freebies in the way that those 2 prisoners are being treated -OR- Take them as prisoners instead and release the 2 archaeologists. They should choose to suffer the way the prisoners are suffering. I think that is the most self-less way that I can come up with at the moment.

    I have assumed that the 3 freebies actually are ready to suffer for the release of the prisoners out of mutual respect for them so they mean it from the heart and hence the tribesmen will consider it as genuine.

    P.S.- There was nothing to get offended at. I guess I took the long way of first winning the hearts of the tribe and then moving for the release of the prisoners, earlier. I hope I got the idea of conveying my compassion directly towards the team-mates right this time.

  • Yes! I like this new answer, Wolfie! Congratulation! :) you are a Winner !! but i expect more answer for another people also.....
    This little scenario can have up to 5 winners ... so if there are courageous hearts here I invite you to try an answer....:)