Am I the only one ? Or you too ? πŸ€”

  • tws gay club but no homo

    Yeah .. During walking alone , some people (like me) r busy in their own thoughts in mind .. And sometimes I remind some jokes / vid of standup comedian n I laughed .. But in other people's point of view they will think we this moron is laughing suddenly .. πŸ˜… but that can't stop me to giggle n with the help of my jaw n strong jaw mussels .. I try to compress my giggling .. sigh
    But yeah.. When I walk with someone, I don't give damn to other people (but that someone have to take me in comfort zone) ..
    P.s. I made this topic coz I remind a video of standup comedian zakir khan .... I can't stop laughing when I see his vid .. N somehow I learned something from his vids.. Basically he is saying his experience in funny way..
    So is that ever happened with u ? And did u give damn to peoples (who r completely stranger for u) ? And how much situation is changed when u walking with someone who comforts u ?

  • tws gay club but no homo

    U remind me a school friend who act like he is bowling (bowling in cricket) n I laugh n feel awkward on that situation .. But after puberty hits him .. Everything is alright. .
    U no need 1k views for stopping me to change usernames... Coz I promise that I'll stick with this username forever πŸ‘

  • @33-_
    I always shadow practice Guitar or Some football tricks while walking alone. I sometimes start my warm-up exercises too.. And I don’t give a damn about anyone being around... Football is effing everything!

    And I usually keep a smile on face whenever I see strangers. I randomly appreciate by clapping the ones whom I see jogging or sprinting even though they’re damn tired and I always give a loud shout after I climb a mountain, always. So yeah, I do weird things and starting laughing in public because you suddenly remember a good joke is also one of β€˜em.

    And my bestie is more idgaf person than me. So yeah, its more freedom being with her. But if I’m with anyone else, I act more civilised.

  • Hella Assassins

    @ASHUTOSH33 is that a code? 3333333333333333333333333

  • tws gay club but no homo

    Yup.. It is

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