• The local County Council, learning of your UNIQUE PUBLIC PERSONA via https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com has recruited you (at a hundred £ per appearance) to travel around primary schools giving talks about the danger of 'acting up' and 'dossing around'. You are allowed to be motivational or terrifying as you see fit. You are allowed to leave them permanently traumatised as long as they don't mess around any more.

    I admit that my own method might be a bit heavy-handed: stare into the eyes of each child, right down into their little souls, and then crouch down to lay a single palm on the classroom floor. I would then give a deafening, minute-long screech, like a pterodactyl, before rising and saying, "I HAVE JUST ABSORBED YOUR SOULS. SHOULD YOU EVER WISH TO ESCAPE MY DOMINION, YOU WILL PAY ATTENTION, YOU WILL SHOW DISCIPLINE, YOU WILL BEHAVE, ELSE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY, ALONE AND IN DARKNESS".

    cage 2.gif

  • @Indrid-Cold I'd take prison mates in there with me and have them talk about prison life. Then make the kids think that if they're bad then they'll get in trouble and go to prison and potentially be raped!