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    If you had to choose a path of life, which you would choose.....:

    you can only choose 3 of them

  • I'm not going to choose the Path of the Loner, because that's a bit school-shootery, innit? Here's my rationale for going down the Path of the Lie: all lies require a deep understanding of the truth, so it's almost like you get that choice, too, for free.

    Also, there's a cool amount of artistry and skill involved in lying. And you get loads of free stuff.

    Which is how I justified murdering Captain Birdseye and assuming his identity, so getting all the fishcakes I could ever want.

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Hey, don't you mock my path of slowly becoming insane!

  • The Irony is that no one prefers to choose the ‘Path of Lonely’ or ‘Path of Coward’, but at the end of the day thats what we choose. We’re molded by our fears. Our fear drives us crazy and shuns the bravado inside of us. Are we really willing to choose the path of brave and truth even though it drives to loneliness? I dont think so. We’re all fearful mortals draped in the Wolf’s skin. You know what would be really brave? To choose the path of lonely. But alas, we’re all cowards. Shutting off from the world that awaits, and living in the virtual world that brings no gains.