• Her position is a little off, and all in all it’s kind of rough, but she got the universe in her eyes 👀 I’ll leave it up to interpretation as to what I was going for 😎🤙🏽

  • @astral-baby said in ♥ red devotion ♥:

    Her position is a little off, and all in all it’s kind of rough, but she got the universe in her eyes 👀 I’ll leave it up to interpretation as to what I was going for 😎🤙🏽

    Wow. This is epic.. she's in the dark and lonely astral. Wanting to let go of the demon inside her but something is hindering her to do it. She's wearing mask to portray different faces to anyone who she interacted with :)
    This is a sad and gloomy piece of art. applause for this

  • @astral-baby So i am not very good at symbolism but what struck out most to me was that the fog wraps around her legs like a trap and she does not look too happy about it. Seeing the flower-y structure definitely makes you feel like it is showing torment and/or pushing hard to break through. Since you call it "Red Devotion", i will interpret the flower thing as her metaphorical soul that is striving to do whatever the girl wants, despite the shackles.
    Her hair remind me of dementors : D
    And i think it is really pretty. Hope you share more of your work :))

  • (Fine, subconscious mind, i will try to interpret her art. Will you now shut up, already!?)

    The tormented spirit, floating through the moonshining sky.
    An 7-eyeballed, red lily emerging from her left eye.
    It is the gate to her very soul.
    Her face turned red, like it was mutilated by an awl.
    What was left of it is no more.
    One cannot fathom the pain she had to endure, aswell as the horror.
    The abdomen and rended, right arm covered by the nebulous mess.
    Watchfully shrouding her soaked, crimson dress.
    The eternal curse inside of her.
    Consuming her life for ever.
    Being doomed to glide in the night eternally.
    No one should ever witness she.
    The wisest option would be to flee.
    But if one dares to look into her eyes.
    One will then surely meet their demise.
    For the äther spirit will maul the witness to death.
    By then you have already gasped your final breath.
    While holding you with her interminable hair as you breath your last air.

  • @astral-baby
    I interpret her to be the Nazi Germany and her position is off due to hefty fine and reparations imposed as per the Treaty of Versailles, and its gonna be rough ‘coz the state of Germany has to accept responsibilities for the losses in war and give back the conquered territories.
    But backed by the new nationalist sentiment and a new leader, who served as a solder in The Great War, Germania has the dream of conquering the universe in her eyes.
    Also, I can spot a Swastika in that wonderful drawing which makes my interpretation more stronger. Regards!

  • @Wolfie_11 Wowie! I won’t confirm or deny anything, but I will say that you’ve got a colourful mind on ya 🤠💗

  • @astral-baby
    Thank You.
    And you’ve a creative mind and an uniquely talented art to potray it on the paper/screen. Amazing!

  • @Wolfie_11 Aweeeee, thank you so much as well! My heart- 😔💘

  • @cjko Thank you so much! This is a great interpretation, but again, I won’t confirm or deny any of y’all hehe 😌 Though, it is a gloomy piece, there’s some sort of a tranquility in her suffering- thats all I’ll say! Once again, thank you very much 💓

  • @astral-baby hmm my pleasure. I've always wanted to look for some artworks here

  • @astral-baby

    First of all... this is freaking amazing... ok?! I love it, what did you use to do it? Looks like water color and maybe chalk? I dunno I just think the art style is amazing along with the choice of colors, they all go along so well!

    When it comes to the interpretation... I feel like the female figure, that has very long and loose black hair, is enveloped in doubt and in her own thoughts that are spiraling out of her head while she is staring into the horizon and the gloomy dark sky thinking about her life or her problems.

  • @Lurker Ahhh, thank you sooooo much!! It all actually just started with me messing around on my iPad. I had downloaded this new drawing app and wanted to get a feel for all the tools. And ooh, that’s very thoughtful, I’ll leave ya wondering 😅💕

  • @Div Yee, a while back. Probably in February or smth.

  • @Div no u >:))) ❤️

  • @Karina-Kara That was absolutely beautiful, wow! 😮❤️❤️❤️

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