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    I took this photo a few mornings ago, after I had moisturized my bald head. I moisturize my head four times a day. I'm permanently bald do I have to take care of my smooth scalp. I've been permanently bald for almost two years now.

  • Interesting.
    How does it feel like? How do you fare against direct sun exposure? And how does the wind feel like that?
    I am genuinely interested.

  • @Karina-Kara In the cold weather now I wear hats and in the summer months, I wear sunscreen a lot. Being permanently bald is so much better then it was having hair loss. The wind does make my head cold fast. Sow what do you think, about that I'm permanently bald?

  • @Tara-Shea
    It was a very brave decision to make. And a pretty life-changing one, atleast. So you are very brave. And it has a certain charm to it. All i can think of it is how tactically advantageous it is for combat and wearing gear like helmets and especially respirator masks.
    What do other people closely related to you think about it? Do they support you?
    And you mentioned having hair loss. Is it because of a disease or because it is inherited?

  • @Karina-Kara I'm never going to have to shave my head again. All my family, my parents, my two sister and my friends all were and are supportive. I did develop hair loss from family genetics, so can tell from some of my photos when I had a high hairline. It does have charm, my bald head has become so smooth that my hands slide right off.

  • @Tara-Shea
    Aw. Never having to shave again is a dream.
    I bet it feels great to have no hair but instead having there smooth skin.
    Everytime i go outside the wind is messing up my hair, slamming it even into my face.
    Shaving my hair off would remove some of the daily nuisances i have to go through everyday.
    This is something to consider . . .

  • @Karina-Kara I do say that I'm extremely bald, my whole scalp has a glossy shine to it, I moisturize my bald head four times a day, such a nice feeling. I keep trying to make it smoother and smoother now.

  • Banned

    @Tara-Shea Impressive, I'd like to chat :D

  • @test_account Sure, we can totally chat. ^-^