• I guess like everyone else who's ever watched The Walking Dead (tho equally I grew up watching the Romero films), I've spent much, much time wondering what I'd do if I was bitten during a tussle. For the purposes of this poll, I've removed the option to simply get a pal to cut off the bitten limb (like she does in 'Day'). So what's it to be?

    Personally, I honestly don't see why it's so bad to be a zombie. I'm with John Leguzema in 'Land'; "I always wanted to see how the other half live". Notwitstanding that the zombies in the Romero films are a lot more sympathetic and 'human' than the walkers in TWD, I'd choose to give it a go (assuming my body is still pretty much intact). For one thing, who knows what crazy psychedelic shish is going on in their minds, or their subconscious? It might be cool. And as for the chance to be one of the 'running' zombies from Snyder's 'Dawn' remake, or World War Z: I AM SO THERE, DUDE.

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  • @Indrid-Cold I want to be a zombie for a while and then have my brains blown out :))))

  • I will turn into a Zombie and wait till the humans invent a cure or fall in love with a human girl and let love change me.

  • @Indrid-Cold
    No. It would be a nice thought, but my ashes would desecrate that place.
    I thought about the mountain i ventured on.

  • @Indrid-Cold interesting thought, my only worry for this is that what if its like being a walking coma where subconciously Im somewhat alive but I cant control my body, so It would be prone to a death that can be more gruesome and bloody by getting stabbed or chopped up and I'll be able to feel it. Afterall according to the series and the game I believe the final actual death is by getting stabbed or shot in the head aka brain. Then again to shoot myself in the head, Idk if I could do that, especially depending on the situation bullets can draw noise and waste resources. Lets say if I was used as bait distraction then that sounds like the perfect plan to shoot myself in the head and draw the herd and distract em away from the others, and that way I wont be painfully nommed to death by the zombies, which I feel would be worse than shooting myself in the head.

    I would think in an "ideal" situation, although being bitten is never ideal, in a group setting where we're not in any real danger, seems like the best solution if I get too weak to walk, is to just tie me to a tree and wait for me to turn, then shoot or stab me in the head once I do. Seems like a win win situation where everyone is kept safe as well, while savouring any last precious moment of life there is left.

  • @Chicken-meat KUDOS, SIR. I've made a note of your offer to be bait distraction (so to lure the bad lads away from us) -- though I truly hope this is a contingency that never comes to pass (scientists have never conclusively proved that the zombie apocalypse is inevitable).

    About the fear that you might be somewhat alive subconsciously inside an otherwise horrible, munchy zombie body. I dunno. In 2017, I had the H3N2 virus and was very close to dying: my conscious and subconscious were one-and-the-same, and the main hallucination was that I was some kind of hive-mind army fighting an impossible war. It was horrible, and I don't think being a zombie will be as bad as that. Besides, they don't often seem like they're in pain, do they?

  • As someone who completely despises everything that rots and decays and who wants to be cremated after death, i would try to help others as long as i possibly can, then murder myself before completely turning undead or infected.
    Nothing shall ever take control of my body rather then myself.

  • I'd rather put a bullet in my brain than being a zombie.. I dunno why I don't like zombies. Haha
    I don't like zombie movies, I find it bland and nah.

  • @User-Left
    Smells like necrophilia.

  • @User-Left Now, y'see, I always thought the ruckus between survivors and zombies was a metaphor for love anyway. But I respect your optimism @User-Left

  • @Karina-Kara So, where you going to get your ashes scattered? That cave with the fireflies?

  • Thanks. Taht was the story line of a movie btw. @Karina-Kara @Indrid-Cold

  • @Indrid-Cold
    How did you even get in contact with the Influenza Virus?
    And i think the most realistic setting of a "Zombie"-catastrophe would be an mutated form of rabies that makes you insane while you are being alive.
    No "raised undead" scenario, but rather "everyone's and everythings infected and alive".
    Not only that, but rabies affects almost every mammal out there. Maybe mutated in such a way that even insects can transmit the virus.
    That would be "fun".

  • @Indrid-Cold ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜… its one thing to say it than for me to actually do it, to be well cough confident about it maybe Id be better off alive than dead, if all about perspective I could squeeze through cracks to collect things or open doors, be on the lookout, theres always ways to survive where one doesnt have to needlessly sacrifice emself, only if its crucial to the survival Id sacrifice myself. And if Im bitten then yeahhh Id guess Id have to do it

    As horrible as that sounds u never been a zombie before so how would u know? Lol like u said ur subconcious wasn doing too great and hallucinating, but I feel the pain of ur head and ur body, would be insufferable and thats what was causing ur mind to hallucinate, so the pain of living like a half fleshy decapitated zombie limping around would be excruitiating I mean how bad can a flu be ? Im sure theres way worse illnesses and physical disability out there, then again I got a not so serious fever flu and sore throat and felt like I wanted to chop my head off cos it felt so heavy.

  • @Barton thats never going to happen lol, I mean the most probably vaccinal cure part eventually someone would have to if its a wide spread epidemic cos most resources and funding would be sent to finding that cure, then again cancer is not yet cured so, but not the love as a cure part, if ur allergic to bees, youd have better hopes of getting a cure running into a bee hive getting stung a million times by hornets, maybe the allergic reaction will shock ya back to being humanThen again I could say that for women..

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