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  • @Indrid-Cold
    To answer your question about the mods, they unfairly use their powers against users. There are no restrictions on what they can do and get away with, a product of the bad leadership here; it's really not the mods that they should be bitching about, they are mere dogs. No website is perfect, however, and what can we really expect from such a bottom of the barrel chat website, anyway? Ethics? Morals? Nope. There really is no point to complain, but hey, to each his own.

  • @pe7erpark3r Live pic verification would be a nice bonus. Especially for bots and spammers. Give like 30 min for every user to send live pic verification to certain admin or whatever, if the user doesn't send, simply ban

  • @What-is-this said in Let's make TWS great again!:

    @pe7erpark3r Live pic verification would be a nice bonus. Especially for bots and spammers. Give like 30 min for every user to send live pic verification to certain admin or whatever, if the user doesn't send, simply ban

    Since TWS is about anonymity though to a certain extent, this might be counterproductive. That is a good idea if you want a high rate of valid users. It's definitely a good method for a child friendly forum...

  • @Killed-Myself then how dafoq was I getting so much hate 😒 if thats how u and most ppl think, I didn even know he was a pervert but judging his an Indian makes sense LOL (jk dont kill me)

  • @Killed-Myself oh wait ur talking about urself not zoob 😅..still even just by judging from ur comments on my post and the likes u got I think I deserve to call u out too lol I still think u have good in you tho.

  • @Kanuna ur completely right, how could I be so blind 🙂 👏

    If theres one thing I want to say is ur a hypocrite, stop lying, you were suckingg zoobs dickk and trash talking me literally before we even actually interacted except for pleasantries the previous time. And idk what issues u have with the admin if thats true it would go against the a lot of the main objective in especially global chat of sexual harassment.

  • Good topic dude.

  • She/he hired you or smth?

  • @Chicken-meat said in Let's make TWS great again!:

    @IM-NOT-HORMY 😂 nahhh, how can she fight for justice if she dies? 🙂

    Exactly lol.

  • @Chicken-meat said in Let's make TWS great again!:


    You need to have a look at what's down there before you call me a she 🙂

  • @Iservejustice said in Let's make TWS great again!:

    @Chicken-meat Triggered people make me laugh. They take internet too seriously.


  • This is taking ages. Entertain me fast. It's an order.

  • @Iservejustice said in Let's make TWS great again!:

    @Chicken-meat Triggered people make me laugh. They take internet too seriously.

    No u lol

  • @Chicken-meat said in Let's make TWS great again!:

    @Iservejustice said in Let's make TWS great again!:

    @Chicken-meat Triggered people make me laugh. They take internet too seriously.

    No u lol

    I'm highly disappointed and dissatisfied with your reply!!
    Fight me.

  • Although u made other valid points, personally I find the ads doesnt cover any content for me and is a lot more visually appeasing than other chat sites flooded with ads that are also pretty damn sh*tty and sexual.

    Besides this whole paragraph "Stop complaining about mods. They are trying to do their job. If I was TWS I'd delete ALL complaint posts.
    That is not to say, that there should not be complaints! But complaints should always be directed toward the one who wronged you or toward another mod (or TWS themselve). "

    is contradictory and doesnt make sense in itself, so we should "stop complaining about mods" and "all complaints should be deleted" but also say " that doesnt mean there should be not complaints" and "complaints should be directed toward the one that wronged you" isnt that most all of how complaints work? I bet most people that liked this post are mods themselves lel.

    Like I have said before Im not saying mods are bad initself, they mute/ban harassing users, do their best in deleting dicc pics, even tho I feel a loot more work should be done, have a role in stopping potential sexual predators etc; which for what its worth I can appreciate.

    But other than that to say these complaints in what I presume u mean in comments and posts should be deleted is very dangerous and detrimental to the site where mods can also very easily get away with even more literally saying and doing whatever they want "trolling" etc; like I've seen them do.

    Heck I recently discovered in the global chat the main chat is titled "spread LOVE" while @bellahella or hellabella whatever the helll her name is made a mod only group literally to gossip about other mods and users where others can see but not chat in..doesnt make sense does it? And you say to not complain about mods while they have a not so secret chat group to complain about us.

    And what does that do in turn? Drive people off the site, or make everyone want to become a mod..
    by saying that Im also putting myself up in a sh*tty asss vulnerable position to be verbally mocked and made posts about as well, I mean no one wants to be put there but For me to say what I do gota say thats just how it is.

    And Im going to go off on a tangent here But I would think that mods and Im not going to solely blame them, I can be quite hostile too, but their loyal hostile pansies also is also but a key reason why people are driven off this site.From my understanding of my experience here and also the backlash I got from my previous previous post, theres a double standard in how mods are allowed to do things while users arent. As @I am not hornny pointed out i understand we are all "humans" but as "humans" mods have far superior abilities of changing comments, names, messages, muting, banning, like sure if ur all.nice and dandy with them they mostly dont bother u and u dont bother them, or they are played to believe that all enjoy their shaninigans. I have abused the idea of shitting on mods too, then again I got muted in global chat for it so, and when people speak up against them, then things start to get a lot more hostile.

    , I know this powerplay myself, where mods are being nice to other users in public chat or global chat, and by being civil in response to my rants, it makes other users turn against you, as other users only see how u are treating them their friend the mod at the moment and not based on why ur ranting about the mod and the past comments and interactions that accumulates for the user to rage and call the mod unjust, or the claims of the user are just simply swept off as false or too triggered and should just let it go according to the mod and other users as I've seen. Im just saying from my pov of course how it felt, but to put more specifically like my interaction with @zoob.(rant ahead hope this doesnt discredit any of what I said earlier,I mean I hope it credits further) If all else, he is a perfect example of a bad mod, Like I've said too many times before, clearly from.the comments he was leaving on my initial of mods are a holes post that wasnt even about him that he commented on where I barely even knew of his existence let alone him being a mod, he was threatened and butthurt himself as a mod, he can say otherwise all he wants but its pretty damn obvious when u were posting sarcastic as$ responses to my mods are a holes post but when I spotted it out "my logic was having an orga$m".which okay lol. Fastforward, I accepted his apology, and then he backtracked again saying he was sorry only for editing my comment to call me dumb, but either way he also gave his approval to me to try to unmod him multiple times, including after I accepted his apology, as like he said others have tried to unmod him before. Its in my post with screenshots attached to prove it. And he publically admits that he uses this site to abuse his privelage as a mod and people that cant handle it were trolled off, not direct word for word but thats basically what he meant. Honestly the small community here seems to like him so thats all I got to say.

  • @Chicken-meat but also to the 4 dumba$ses including the 3 that upvoted @theking comment that "I made 3topics about Zoob" with other colourful adjectives, which no I didnt, you can read my comment and post (which I seriously think no one did) and fact check urself ya stupid f-cks, but thanks for the ppl that actually did read, understand liked or more or less supported me in the comments especially special shoutout to viju , and the ones that read it also but didnt agree with me thats fine as well, u can form.whatever opinion u want of ur own, at least u read it.

  • @Chicken-meat Think what you will. Clearly, no one can change your mind. You talk as if you know this website, which you don't. The main "objective" of this website is to get as much traffic as possible. You must be drunk to think the admins follow anything they instill unto users. You think the mods act out of hand? That's a laugh, the admins are the ones who are fucked up in all of this. They are the ones who made this website, after all, and the design is only as good as it's designer. Learn before you try to speak out about things you know nothing about. It wouldn't be considered "sexual harassment" in the slightest, it would be ILLEGAL to allow such shit to go on, but that doesn't fucking matter to them, as long as they have their precious users.
    Now, go on believing in whatever delusions you want. I said what I needed, and I'm no longer replying after this.

  • @Kanuna like honestly who the fck are u lol, who the fck do u think u are. If anything u wanna talk about harassment, why the f-ck should I be thinking rationally, when all u ever did was closed me in a box. am I wrong to think what zoob did was bad? Am I wrong for making a post about it, and get harassed off by you and others that say oh he was just trolling let it go, but when I do it is 'harassment" but people like u had to jump in and now lie that u didnt completely side with him or even talked to me first before u already have ur preconceived judgements, and everyone trying to harass me off with stupid GA accusations and f*ck offs to stop talking and leave when I stopped "harassing" zoob. As a user its already bad in itself but can u imagine as a moderator. U f-cking think before u point the fingers at me like it was "solved" READ before u make ur judgements, It was never "solved" and it seems never will be "solved".

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