Can someone explain to me how zoob is still a moderdator? (Rhetorical question he sucks monkey's d!ck and shouldn be one)

  • @theKing you know what they say about ppl that have to go after grammar lol. Besides I was trying to post screenshots but It got too out of hand and overwhelmed by it so I decided to quote instead. If you didnt realize, I was actually missing out a lot on the responses where I was just trying to remain mutually respectfully to him and address the topic, but seeing that he kept spamming hateful comments that I called him a "rampaging modster doesnt know how to act like a moderator". Also as such Im human also right? Im not just a 2 dimensional cardboard that doesnt have feelings, or else ppl would just label me as rigid or not understanding of mods, But Im allowed to get hurt or angry at things, how is it so that naturally most ppl I get angry at is mods? I am open to change and ideas and Im not completely stubborn to an idea, its clear that even in the rules itself they also dont know what they want because moderating " bad users" and "spam" is vague initself and I can easily see how the mods abuse their power to do such, if another person was doing what they were doing, I could see others easily flagging them for harassment, Im totally cool with just messing around and fun especially in PC, but a lot of em take it too far.

  • @WtfJudith honestly I really didnt, I tried my best not to come acrosss as that, I think maybe too much actually, because It got to the point where it was just non stop insults bashing and distasteful trolling in the comments of my posts especially for the d-ck pic one, when I just wanted to address d-ck pics here and how the system is broken for banning to just not work, And the recent one that pushed me off the edge changing my comment to call me dumb, equally such I have the right to get angry and simply such he is not fit to be a moderator. Its clear that he felt threatened as a moderator and wanted to escalate the situatuion where I get intimidated off and back out, heck he even ADMITTED, he loved this site because he can abuse his privelage as a moderator and ppl that cldnt take his stupid shitt got trolled off, why is he a moderator if his concern is to pisss ppl off and abuse his power in the guise of "his human" "its his personality" "fun". I dont understand how if thats his main purpose here then why the f%ck is he allowed to be mod.

  • @theKing I said it as accurate as I can, you got eyes and brains you dont have to see screenshots, you can cross reference yourself, whatever most I quoted is copy pasted and straight from the source.

  • @theKing also who are you hiding as? Lol I see that you created your account about 14 hours ago just to respond to my posts, kinda pathetic and more of a chicken than me to do that huh?

  • @zoob honestly I dont wanna have any more real beef with you, its just I want to be chill with you, I could have waited if you did it again, but I cant stand you.

    I did accept ur apology and if it was sincere, sure.

    But tell me, as I have said in my post itself I did accept ur "apology" just how can you be sincere in your apology, if all you can talk about is me being butthurt by your trolling abusing ur powers as a MOD. How is that fair to me?

    "I was trolling you no doubt. And i used my privileges to edit your comment"

    "oh boy. I must say you provide best entertainment and i feel my aim fulfilled. "

    And how you admit to have done so to many other users that couldnt take ur shitt and left. All I want is you to step down as mod, because it is clear you do not care for ur actions, and like to abuse ur privelage as a moderator to troll people off, and if me getting offended by all the nasty shitt u spammed on my posts and edited my comment to purposefully make me angry and u go scott free all cos u said "sorry" I was being "sarcastic" my ass, and if that makes me "butthurt" then fine by me.

  • @zoob lol, why do I even bother, look at your responses again, just look, I dont even want to repeat it and its also all in my post and in the posts I link.

    I have 5 people agree with me on this post, the role of a moderator, to moderate bad users and spam.

    So let me get this straight, people, mods, come here to enjoy leaving harassing comments on peoples posts, whats more CHANGE the comment to call me dumb, for ..the "user" enjoyment lol. Im laughing cos I rather do that then get angry at you cos UR SICK, u understand that? Ur SICK IN THE HEAD. You comment harassing comments cos you feel giddy over the fact that YOU ENJOY making ppl feel miserable, YOU ENJOY knowing that people cant do shitt about it and you continue doing whatever because they never experienced themself what you do to me and to others on themself ,and you know why? Maybe cos Im the only few that got tired of ur mods shitt and decided to post about it, and thats how u feel threatened by me calling u sickk mods out and trying to take me down, its clear to me you dont deserve ur mod badge, u really dont, and if Im the one to have gone " delusional" that me posting being angry at you for f*cking with me and others that have left that also caught on to ur liess and shit, then ur WAYY off the delusion bats, because people dont have to put up with your shitt anymore, if you know any better, you know by now what ur doing is wrong and should respectfully personally step down as a mod.

  • @zoob u claim urself ur a troll, and a troll is full of lies, first the lies that u never followed me (allegedly based on my memory)

    And here in the pms, heres all the screenshots itself.
    I realised I would hate for ppl to betray my trust and not ask first to be able to post private dms, its a wishy washy slope, also more so u wont accuse me anymore of saying I forgave you lel. I did forgave you, but that was before I realized u also said many others tried to demode you. You see this is what you said

    "I don't know if you are being for real. Or being sarcastic. I was being sarcastic so long. But you seem kinda pissed off.

    If you still wanna do what you got in your mind against me no problemo

    You are welcome."

    And can see for yourself how I responded at the end saying "F*ck u and ur apology u clearly are abusing ur powers as a mod"

    Which you responded with "Of course i am Can't you see And no one have much problem with that Because they aren't as serious as you are getting rn so"

    Great apology there, 😐 saying sorry and then giving the excuse that Im getting too serious which u hammered me a lot on pc and on here, over you deliberately tempering with my comments to call me dumb for ur enjoyment, and shit trolling on my other posts.

    So I responded "bitchh idgaff its not funny"
    "Whatever you wanna do Im sorry" so at that point I realized I didnt wanna be a petty irrational butthole cos I know I aint completely in the most level head either so I accepted ur apology
    "..okay Just at least dont change my comment I accept ur apology"

    Which you responded "I dont mind if you still wanna unmod me "
    And I said "its fine" see for yourself? You said that you didnt mind that I can go on to want to unmod you. Furthermore what made me more infuriated, where this all happened before our public chat conversation of you saying you like to "abuse ur privelage as a mod" is when you responded " many have tried lol" so Im supposed to let it slide when I know you have done this dont know how many times to other users and they couldnt do shizz nothing about it? then later claimed "no one have ever reported before" do you see the discrepancy here? After saying many have tried to demode you?

    in the message itself, you even gave me Odin the admins tag and LET me be given the choice to go and try to unmod you and gave me Odins tag cos YOU KNOW, he wont be able to do anything, and its up to the community if you get a lot of downvotes that u MIGHT be demodded, and remember? I warned you myself if that didnt work I have screenshots and have to take it else where.

    So The lies of " lets start a riot against the mods" "name call the mods" well come on Im doing it now lelle come join me? Or was it my "logic was having an orga$m" 😑disclaimer ( quotes are not entirely accurate just based on the top of my head) . the lies that u were being "sarcastic" calling me all these insults like "retarted", or "Im a no life bastard sticking my eyes to it", etc etc, and the latest post calling me dumb after changing my comment, all these trolling triggers here and there, and everything accumulated and breaked the camels toe

    As a moderator you know what ur doing is wrong, This is a broken record, you said you liked abusing ur powers, to troll ppl, to inherently trigger ppl for ur enjoyment, so in doing so you have admitted you know what ur doing is wrong as a mod, no matter how much you convince yourself 'pEoPle EnJoy It" just to be frank they only do because, they never experienced the sadistic cruel side of you some of us others experienced, especially when I targeted mods u became hostile and responded to my posts having a hot target back at me, ironically proving ur the as$holess that u were truthfully yes agreeing with me on.

    So honestly, I dont accept that you wont no longer go around rampaging on ppls posts if they ever so slightly questioned ur functionality as a mod, or whatever else you do u still seem pretty chill other times, just no u wanna be a ruthless troll? Sit ur butthole downn and stop being a moderator.

  • @Barton no Im not

  • @Stricty moderndator?

  • @Barton have bipolar personality disorder lol

  • @Barton oh really? I didn know lol, I guess I should stop searching google for all the symptoms a person can have for every mental disorder in the book. Realize how quick it is to dismiss everything a person says cos a random stranger thinks they know better and "stamps" a mental disorder on someone. I can easily call zoob a sadistic narcassist for how he is 'sorry' but admits he has done this many times before that drove ppl off.

  • @zoob "asked you to mention names" I did, I called out bella, I called out katherine, (thats all cleared out now for now) but most especially now I called out you.

    Ur ignoring all my points, I accepted your apology, yes, but as you can see you still mentioned later that I can seek out to unmod you and I changed my mind after u said "many have tried to unmod me lol" , there were no "terms and conditions" where u told me its all settled that I should drop it, u verbally asked me to try to unmod you multiple times and gave me odins tag and ur wishes.

    How am I supposed to accept ur apology as sincere? When now u call me a kid or a whiny baby. Ur purposefully trying to make me go berzerk again to further prove im "sensitive mentally unstable one" lets not make this a butthurt issue okay. The point is simple as a mod, ur supposed to moderate 'bad and spamming users" when its clear at the end of the day..u want compromise? It is clear you do not care to change, and will forever want to abuse ur privelage as a mod, so respectfully so step down.

    Disclaimer: quotations in 2nd and 3rd paragraph are rephrased and not accurate word by word to the source

  • @Barton well isnt that a provocative statement lol, make up ur mind.

  • @Barton said in Can someone explain to me how zoob is still a moderdator? (Rhetorical question he sucks monkey's d!ck and shouldn be one):

    @Chicken-meat I thought I apologised for my WebMD opinion. You dont have mental illness. You are just being provicative. If you didnt see that apology before, I apologise again. Please accept it. I am sorry.


  • @Barton its okay, continue having fun lol

  • @Barton said in Can someone explain to me how zoob is still a moderdator? (Rhetorical question he sucks monkey's d!ck and shouldn be one):

    @Chicken-meat On second thoughts, you don't have any mental disorder. You are just trying to provoke and grab peoples attention. I apologize to the Bipolar Disorder Community out there for desecrating the condition by alleging that on some low life attention seeker.

    " I thought I apologised for my WebMD opinion. You dont have mental illness. You are just being provicative. If you didnt see that apology before, I apologise again. Please accept it. I am sorry."

    You really know how to make a girl feel special lol, u were apologizing to the bipolar community on behalf of I dont know what expertise you think you have to judge who is and who isnt based on just online interaction, and no I didnt accept ur obviously demeaning provocative* "apology" afterwards that u wasnt even apologizing to me before lel, u asked what do u mean? I answered its okay, I dont think its that hard to understand

    And @theKing stfuu lol, dont be so delusional that ur that important I would make a post on random fuccbois just trying to cause trouble.

    Its a mod abusing power issue going against their role as a mod, nothing more.

  • @theKing in fact come to think of it 😉 i mean I got time why not? Since your practically begging for my attention to do one for you

  • @theKing of course Im the one being childish when u keep responding lol, if ur so "mature" how is it u have nothing better to do with ur life?

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